5 Best Monitor for Apex Legends | Best, Budget, and 4K

Okey here are some of the Best Monitor for Apex Legends and these all are divided into three categories Best, Budget, and 4K.

And in the last, these are also a buying guide for you if you don’t what should a good monitor have.

So, Let’s start without wasting your precious time.

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  • 144Hz
Acer Gaming Monitor

Acer Gaming Monitor

  • 60Hz
Dell Alienware

Dell Alienware

  • 144Hz
Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

  • 240Hz


  • 144Hz

1. Asus ROG Swift 27″ – 4K

Best Monitor for Apex Legends

This is a really cool monitor which has all features that should be in the best gaming monitor for apex legends.

This screen is really cool at 144Hz and 4ms response time by seeing the colors you clearly tell that it is a Gaming Monitor. And it is thick because of his tech inside.

Bezels are quite thick but you know they are needed for this powerful display. And by the way, this monitor has an IPS Display and it comes with G-sync features.

This monitor compresses colors while running on 4K 144Hz but while playing apex legends it is not noticeable.

And it has a really cool feature that it has projectors that will display the Asus logo on your table in a really cool and also on your wall.

Display Port 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and USB 3.0 hub


  • Also good for photoshop and other images work.
  • Really good for Gaming
  • Stunning HDR
  • Good 4K details


  • Expensive
  • Only 27-inch display

2. Acer Gaming Monitor 28″ – 4K

Acer Gaming Monitor

This Acer 4k monitor has a TN panel with 160 degree and 170-degree viewing angles and 1 ms response time.

The colors are not good in this because it has a TN panel and our first monitor has an IPS panel but the price is very affordable in this monitor but while it will not make much difference so it is a decent 4K monitor for apex legends in terms of colors.

The performance of this monitor is smooth and there are no issues with its speed and 4K gaming but need a powerful PC to do 4K gaming on this monitor.

This also offers AMD FreeSync with a 40 to 60 Hz refresh rate.

1 x Display port (V1.2) & 2 x HDMI


  • Quick response time and low input lag
  • Plenty of features including FreeSync over HDMI
  • Integrated speakers


  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Inferior image quality to IPS and VA panels

3. Dell Alienware 34″ – Best

5 Best Monitor for Apex Legends | Best, Budget, and 4K

The first thing you will see in this monitor is its stand is so bulky and large and take most of the space on the table so it is not made for sale tables.

The good is that this is the Best Monitor for Apex Legends and you can turn this monitor in any direction means not 360 degrees but you can slide it 6 inches upwards, 30 degrees on either side, and 20 degrees up and down.

This monitor also has 3 stripes of led 2 on the bottom and 1 on the back.

The refresh rate of the monitor is 144Hz which is pretty good and 4 ms response time which is decent.

It also has a good color range and the best specs for apex legends.

And it also comes with Nvidia G-sync

4 x USB 3.0 (Downstream), 1 x USB 3.0 (Upstream), 1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x Display Port 1.2, 2 x 3.5mm Audio Out


  • Fast 144Hz refresh rate
  • Impressive color and brightness
  • Zero lag, and additional gaming features
  • IPS panel


  • Expensive
  • Contrast not good as other IPS panels

4. Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – Best

5 Best Monitor for Apex Legends | Best, Budget, and 4K

The TN panel runs with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms grey to grey response time and features AMD’s Freesync which makes it the Best monitor for Apex Legends.

This includes AMD’s Freesync so it can be best if you have an AMD graphics card.

The stand of the monitor is pretty the same as other Aliensware monitors.

And cool thing is that it doesn’t have many bezels only 6mm thin.

Power cable connector | 2. (2x) HDMI port | 3. Line-out port| 4. USB downstream port with Power Charging | 5. Headphone jack | 6. USB 3.0 port | 7. DisplayPort | 8. USB 3.0 upstream port | 9. (2x) USB 3.0 port


  • High refresh rate
  • Quick response time
  • AMD FreeSync and G-Sync capabilities
  • Excellent and vibrant colors and brightness


  • No built-in speakers or USB-C port
  • Quite expensive for a 1080p resolution gaming monitor

5. AOC C24G1 24″


This is 144Hz monitor comes with a VA panel and about 5 to 6ms from black to wight which really good at this price point.

And the Apex legends experience in this monitor is pretty good some ghosting can be seen but still, it is pretty good in gaming.

And AMD freesync increases the fun.

Displayport, 2x HDMI 1. 4, VGA inputs with audio Line-out for convenience


  • Budget but best
  • Matte screen
  • Strong color consistency
  • Low input lag


  • Viewing angles are not so good
  • No speakers or USB

What to look in a Monitor for Apex Legends?

If you are confused then take a look at these things.

What is Refresh Rate?

The Refresh rate of a monitor or display tells us that many times per second the display is able to draw a new image.

This is measured in Hertz (Hz). For example, if your display has a refresh rate of 144Hz, it is refreshing the image 144 times per second. When matched with the high frame rates generated by a GPU and CPU working collectively, this can result in a more fluid experience and possibly higher FPS.

The best refresh rate for Apex Legends?

260Hz is best and 60 to 144Hz is decent

What is Response time?

Response time is the time taken by the monitor to switch colors like black to white and white to black it is measured in milliseconds(ms).

Usually, 10ms is the standard for black to white to black. But to give you another source point, LCD screens have response times under 10ms. But the fewer milliseconds response time takes the bigger image and motion production. Certain panel types are also responsive than others, however, with TN panels traditionally having to be many more responsive than IPS panels. But that is all changing, especially with nano IPS.

Best response time for Apex Legends?

1 to 4 milliseconds is best from grey to grey and 5 to 7 from white to black and black to white.

TN vs IPS Panel?

There are two varieties of panels that new monitors use. TN (Twisted Nematic) and IPS (in-plane switching). TN panels support a faster response rate but the color quality is not very good. TN panels offer narrow viewing angles as well.

An IPS panel is capable of reproducing color with much more accuracy than a TN panel. It offers wider viewing angles but it only supports a response time of up to 4ms.

Which is best for Apex Legends?

TN is best because it is more good in performance than IPS.

Conclusion of Best Monitor For Apex Legends?

The conclusion is simple if you want the best monitor and you don’t care about the budget then Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor is the best apex legends monitor for you and if you care about budget then AOC C24G1 is the best for you.


What size monitor do apex pros use?

So the 24-inch monitor is the monitor of choice for pro gamers because it offers the right mix of resolution and frame rate.

What monitor is used in eSports?

BenQ ZOWIE XL2540/XL2546 24.5 inch 240Hz eSports Gaming Monitor. This new gaming monitor from BenQ Zowie is a top model of gaming gear. This’s a premium quality monitor, which has been used widely by professional players and tournaments of CS:GO

Is 24 or 27 better for gaming?

Which is better, 24 or 27 monitors? 27-inch This would provide the best gaming experience at a normal viewing distance. Although 24″/1080p may be fine, 27″/1440p offers a better gaming experience due to its larger field of vision and higher resolution.

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