Arunachal MLA demand to ban PUBG – PUBG Banned Again!

Recently, Arunachal MLA Ninong Ering writes a letter to PM Narendra Modi to ban PUBG or Battlegrounds Mobile India. So let’s see what Ninong Ering had written in their letter and is right or not.

Is it right to ban PUBG?

I want to tell you that I am not against our country’s government I am just giving my opinion. Don’t take it on your heart.

Battleground Mobile India Vs Free fire

What is written in the letter by Ninong Ering?

The letter starts by that last year India had banned some Chinese apps on the basis of a privacy breach or in simple words that the companies like Tencent are giving to Chinese government of Indian Citizens.

After that letter come on Battlegrounds Mobile India and said that the government had banned an app called PUBG Mobile which is made Tencent.

Now the Krafton is launching the same game PUBG Mobile with a different name and entity and trying to take PUBG back in India.

Then letter ends with that government should ban the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

What is wrong in this letter?

On the first page, in the last paragraph Ninong Ering said that Tencent Had a 15% share in Krafton, and Tencent will soon buy Krafton and take control over Battleground Mobile India.

And this is very wrong to ban a game on the basis of assuming Tencent soon do this.

If the government bans the apps on this basis then there are also other games that should be banned like COD Mobile is also developed by Tencent Subsidiary Timi Studios and Garena Free Fire also.

Why they are only banning the PUBG Mobile.

The second thing is that the data will be sent to China but this is wrong because the data will be stored in Singapore and India.

Will Pubg or Battleground Mobile India Ban?

Look This letter is written by MLA So the government will take action soon. The two things can happen they can Ban PUBG Mobile or leave it.

We really can’t do anything with this but I think the BGMI will not be banned but can delay because the company will talk again to the government about this matter.

What happens if all games related to Tencent will be banned?

If the government ban all games related to Tencent and China directly or indirectly the games like Free Fire and COD will be banned and upcoming games like Apex legends also Will be Banned and the career of YouTubers will be destroyed.

And E-sports will be gone for sometime since any other famous game will come.


No, the government will not ban PUBG or BGMI because I think they already have asked about this to the government and then they had started to work on PUBG INDIA.

Sahil Mahala
Sahil Mahala
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