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Battleground Mobile India Vs Free fire

So today we talk that which game is better means Battleground Mobile India vs Free fire.

So lets begin,

Yes there is a new inventory in Battleground Mobile India and you all data and your UC and other things would be back.

But you have to log in from the same id in which you play in past.

Arunachal MLA demand to ban PUBG – PUBG Banned Again!

Is underage can not play Battleground Mobile India?

Well on this is a huge problem in India as we seen in past years that the teenagers are playing PUBG Mobile.

So parents face huge problem regarding this.

For this Battleground Mobile India take step for the underage players.

According to Battleground Mobile India terms and conditions underage players that are eligible for play the game but they have to give the number of their parents.

And if their parents denied for playing the game they could not play the game.

A underage player can not use more than 7000 of money in a day.

If their parents want to delete all personal information and account of their child from the game they can contact the company.

And if you do not know when I tell you that in PUBG mobile if you are under the age of 18 then you can not play it more than 6 hours in a day but in Battleground mobile India if you are under the age of 18.

Then you can not play it more than 3 hours in a day means it is half of PUBG Mobile India.

Let’s talk about Free fire underage terms condition

The Free fire terms and conditions are the same if you are playing free fire or want to play it then there is not any big change in underage player terms and conditions.

Pings of Battleground Mobile India vs Free Fire

The pings are depended on latency means that the time it takes to get data from the server to your device and from your device to the server.

Pings of Battleground Mobile India vs Free Fire

As you can see in image how our ping generates.

In the past when we play PUBG Mobile there ping is very high because all players of the world are connected to a particular server so when more people connected to one server then ping is very high.

But in the Battleground Mobile India, there are only Indian servers and there can only Indian player join so from this there the other country players can’t join the Indian server so when there is a low player on the server there is low ping from as usually.

Free Fire Ping

The free fire game has its same server and over the word the player join the game so there is many players join the game as comparative to Battleground Mobile India.

Because Battleground Mobile India is specially made for India so they have personal Indian servers but free fire servers as word wide so anyone can join them when more players join the game the ping is high.

Languages in Battleground Mobile India vs Free fire

Free Fire has many languages in it including Hindi.

In battleground Mobile India there is the English language and as it is specially made for India so it also has the Hindi language.

I think that also has the state languages of India but this is not cleared by the company regarding the state language but if the game contains the state languages of India it is absolutely very interesting.

As you know that Battleground Mobile India is only made for Indians so it does not have any other country language except English.

The country region is set default to India in Battleground Mobile India and you can not change it manual to another country.

Publishers of Battleground Mobile India and Free Fire

Battleground Mobile India

There are many issues regarding the privacy policies of PUBG MOBILE in India because there are two publishers of PUBG Mobile one of them is KRAFTON.

And the second one is Tencent Games so their issues are regarding Tencent Games because this is a Chinese company so India bans the game.

But now the Battleground Mobile India Publisher is KRAFTON and this company is from South Koria and all the information of the game.

This company holds so there is no issue regarding privacy policies.

Free Fire

Now I tell you the Free Fire Publishers.

So lets begin

The publisher of this game is Garena and this company is from Singapore so we also do not have any issues regarding this company.

The publishers of both of the game are not from china and the Indian government and peoples do not have any danger from this company regarding the privacy polices and from sharing our personal data with them. 

So we can enjoy both the games with our any fear and can purchase outfits and many more things in both of the games 

Seasons In Battleground Mobile India and Free Fire

Free Fire

In Free Fire, the current season is 20 and it ends on May 7, 2021, and if you are watching this post after 7 may 2021 then it next season is combed.

Lets talk about season of Battleground Mobile India

In PUBG Mobile the current season is 18 and many people asking that is there in the same season in Battleground Mobile India but the answer is no.

Because this is a new and fresh game made for India and this launched in the Indian market as it has not connections to PUBG Mobile and Tencent games and this has new seasons from starting and you can see the Indian outfits in the Battleground Mobile India.

Tournament of Battleground Mobile India and Free Fire

Tournaments of Battleground Mobile India

As we already talked that this game does not have any connections to PUBG Mobile Global versions and so the players of this game can not participate in the PUBG Mobile tournaments like PRO LEAGUE OF PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN.

But we can see the Indian tournaments in this game the name of Indian tournaments is not announced by this company but we can assume it like PRO LEAGUE OF BATTLEGROUND MOBILE and BATTLEGROUND MOBILE CLUB OPEN I know these some funny but I am not fully sure.

I think this is a good chance to become an Esports player in India and take parts in tournaments of the game because in this game there are only Indian players needed so if you are interested in this game so you can take part in the tournament of this game this could be lucky for you.

Tournaments of Free Fire

The tournaments that are running from the past are run as usual in Free Fire and if you are a good player then you can also take part in Free Fire tournaments.

But I recommend that you have to choose the Battleground Mobile India because you can see that their player joins and there is a good chance to join and show your talent in the tournaments of Battleground Mobile India as usually, you can see the top player of PUBG from India will join the tournaments like Dynamo, Mortal, Scout, and their teams.

Size of Battleground Mobile India and Free Fire

Battleground Mobile India

The size of this game not revealed by the company but from some leaks there are could be a 610 MB size this game the actual PUBG Mobile India size is 1GB so this is not fully confirmed and we have to wait until it’s launch.

Free Fire

The actually size of this game is around 710MB on play store.

Now some people say that from reducing the size of Battleground Mobile India its graphic is also reduced and more than free fire but the main reason for reducing the size of the game is that there is only one map available in the game and It is also not confirmed that which map is this some of the people says that its Erangel but from the teaser, it looks like a sanhok map so it will reveal after the game launch.

And there is not major changes in the graphic it is same like the PUBG Mobile Global Version.

Battleground Mobile Pre-registrations in ios

Battleground Mobile India pre-registrations are started on the play store for android and you can pre-register it from your android and some people are saying that its pre-registration is not started on Appstore for ios then this is not coming for ios.

So this is fake news the company is working on an ios model of battleground mobile India and the company is saying that they get ready this as soon as possible so you can see pre-registrations on ios after some days.

And this game is also coming for ios also.

System Requirements for Battleground Mobile India

Minimum System Requirements for Battleground Mobile India

RAM: At least 3GB or 4GB
Processing capacity: A decent processor, for example, Snapdragon 425 equivalent (480 or higher)

Storage: 16GB

Version: Above 6.0 (marshmallow or higher)

These are the system requirements for Battleground Mobile India if your phone have these all things then you can enjoy Battleground Mobile in India in you mobile without any errors.

Emulators for Battleground Mobile India

There is not officially any emulator is launched by the company you as in past one emulator is launched PUBG Mobile about with the privacy policies issues

It is also banned from India and now you can not use that emulator and I think there is there are many emulators in the market in which you can enjoy the battleground Mobile India in your pc.

I want a full list and details of the best emulator for the Battleground Mobile India that can run the game without any lag so I also make a post on this also.

I already make a post for the best emulators for Free Fire here you can check out these emulators for a low-end pc and as well as a high-level pc.

Which game is best Battleground Mobile India or Free Fire?

So this thing is fully depends on you that which type of game you will like.

Free fire have some advance and futuristic things that give you a advance experience of gaming.

And where Battleground Mobile India is a realistic survival as well as action game this game gives you a realistic experience as like PUBG Mobile while playing it and its graphics are good from free fire and

I am not taking a side of Battleground Mobile India but in PUBG 2.0 era the graphics are much upgraded so we can assume that KRAFTON also upgrades the graphic of battleground mobile India.

And once again I said that it depends on you which type of game you will like but I say that Battleground mobile India is specially made for India so we have to definitely try this game.

As I told you that Free fire is a futuristic game but PUBG Mobile also launched a new game PUBG New State and this futuristic as well as with high graphics but this is not launching in Indian.


In conclusion, I want to say you only one thing that you have to try both games and if you are PUBG player in past then you have to play Battleground Mobile India and I tell you my opinions also in the post and I said it depends on you that which type of game you will like.

We have not any harm from Battleground Mobile India because it had changes its privacy policies and it did not have any connection from china so our data is fully safe and we can enjoy this game without any fear and you can also try Free fire this is also a nice game.


Which game is better PUBG or free fire or Call of Duty?

Verdict. Regarding map diversity, PUBG Mobile is clearly the winner, offering more BR maps than COD Mobile and Free Fire. In terms of better and more gameplay modes, COD Mobile is the winner. It offers over 12 versatile gameplay modes, whereas Free Fire and PUBG Mobile offer 5-6 limited gameplay modes.

Which came first free fire or PUBG?

1 Answer. Pubg on pc launched first on 23 mar 2017. while free fire is launched in the end of December 2017 for Android and ios. so yes pubg pc came first then free fire and then pubg mobile.

How many players play free fire in India?

Free Fire is a battle royale game just like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. And since PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are not available for users in IndiaFree Fire acts as the best alternative and the game runs pretty well on low-end devices too. With such wide adaptability and more than a 50Million active users.

Is PUBG mobile available in India?

Currently, Battlegrounds Mobile India is available for pre-registration for Android users in the country. You can head over to the Google play store to pre-register for the game. Krafton is also giving away rewards to everyone who pre-register for the game via play store.

Is Battleground Mobile India launched?
Battlegrounds Mobile India went up for pre-registration for Indian users, allowing anyone with an eligible Android phone to sign up for the game ahead of its launch. The game still has no launch date but is expected to be launched sometime next month.