Best Magic Cube Bundles in Free Fire 2021

Free Fire Gaming is popular, first-person shooter, a multiplayer game available on iOS and Android devices. It is an FPS (free-to-play) action-based mobile game published and developed by Tencent Games. The format of this game is an easy one, in which one can select players regardless of skill level, age, or complex instructions or menus. The best part about Free Fire Game is its immersive sound experience and realistic graphical interface. There is a reason why it is known as among the fastest-growing mobile games and thus has global downloads of over 100 million.

Free fire gaming aims to indulge you in an action-based environment. There are several modes of fire, while it also includes 30 unique guns. Hence, it allows users to choose a variety of things that can help them enjoy the game and progress further. The unique thing about the game is the state-of-the-art brand strategy that tempts users to play it. Another thing worth mentioning regarding the Free Fire game is that there are several characters, which have featured media and the gaming sector. These include characters from One Piece, Transformers, Power Rangers, and Resident Evil.

In the year 2017, Free Fire was at 20 number in the list of best games of Google Play Store, having an overall rating score of 97/100. The game also received 500 thousand global reviews, whereas it also won at The Independent Game Developers’ Association Awards 2018, for the category of “Best Multiplayer Game.”

Magic Cube Bundles in Free Fire

Free Fire is continuously bringing the latest cosmetic details, among one of them are the new costume bundles. Several bundles of Magic Cube are featured in the game, which may be appealing; however choosing them is not as easy as one may think. To acquire Magic Cube, you have to wait for special events or get them via the in-game store. Furthermore, if you are unable to collect magic cube, you may have got access to magic cube fragments that when completed convert into the cube. In the event of Diwali, players can log in to the gain on 4 November and collect a Magic Cube, free. Here are some of the best magic cube bundles that one can obtain free in November 2021. The Indian server of Free Fire has various events lined up for the event and one of them is a free Magic Cube giveaway by the game developers. Hence, the gamers can unlock their favorite characters just by redeeming the bundle, once they log in to the game.   

Magic Cube Costume Bundles List

Full Leather Bundle

The first in the list of magic cube costume bundles is the Full Leather Bundle. In it, if the gamers are looking to get access to the male bundle free, they can make use of the Full Leather Bundle. Among the biggest content creators in Free Fire Ajjubhai has used this outfit’s top. The Full Leather bundle incorporates the following contents:

  • Mask: Full Leather
  • Top: Full Leather
  • Bottom: Full Leather
  • Shoes: Full Leather

L.C. Commander Bundle

It was in May 2020, when the L.C. Commander bundle was introduced in Diamond Royal, Free Fire. By going into an in-game store, you can gain access to it by making use of a Magic Cube. Following are the items included within that gamers can get:

  • Head: Commander
  • Mask: Commander
  • Top: Commander
  • Bottom: Commander
  • Shoes: Commander

Crazy Panda Bundle

Crazy Panda is third on our list and is the one that Free Fire gamers like the most. It is known as the oldest bundle of Magic Cube in the game. It costs one Magic Cube for the gamers to redeem it; however, many are unable to get it because its fragments are rare in the game. It was in June 2018, in Diamond Royale, when the bundle featured in the game. However, the gamers must be aware that instead of specific items, within the bundle, this has to be equipped entirely.

Vampire’s Revenge

The fourth in the list of best magic cube bundles in Free Fire 2021 is Vampire’s Revenge. The bundle features a bright red color jacket, which states ‘Your blood is my armor’. The mask included within the bundles also state ‘Give me more blood’

  • Mask: Vampire’s Revenge
  • Top: Vampire’s Revenge
  • Bottom: Vampire’s Revenge
  • Shoes: Vampire’s Revenge

Venom Touch Bundle

It was in June 2019 when the Venom Touch, first introduced in Free Fire’s Diamond Royale. The character featured an outfit themed in green. Hence, it looks spooky and there is a boosted appeal on legs and hands. For those, who are still looking for a bundle yet, they may make use of free Magic Cube to exchange it. Following are the components available:

  • Mask: Venom Touch
  • Top: Venom Touch
  • Bottom: Venom Touch
  • Shoes: Venom Touch

Violet Flame Bundle

Among the attractive female bundles, that everyone likes to have is Violet Flame Bundle. The character features a blind female with her eyes covered. Its costume features warrior shoes. It appears great in looks and was introduced in the mid of 2019 in the Diamond Royale. To enhance the appeal visually, mix it is often included with other items, so the players collect this bundle frequently.

  • Mask: Violet Flame
  • Top: Violet Flame
  • Bottom: Violet Flame
  • Shoe: Violet Flame

Night Clown Bundle

One of the most searched bundles in the Free Fire is the Night Clown Bundle. In November 2018, it was introduced as a Diamond Royale’s part. As far as the players are concerned, they find it the best to date, hence, the reason why its popularity continues to grow, despite being in it for quite a lot of time. For those, who do not have access to it yet, then they can also get it via free Magic Cube. The best thing about this bundle is its appeal that consists of crazy and most colorful outfits. The character consists of the coolest jacket, scary headwear, and blue and pink hair.

  • Head: Night Clown Bundle
  • Top: Night Clown Bundle
  • Pants: Night Clown Bundle
  • Shoes: Night Clown Bundle

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