Site Description:

Games Symbol is a website that grew really quickly in the past year and built great authority in the gaming niche. It is a blog about everything related to gaming like guides, reviews, gaming products, etc. 

Income Sources:

There are 3 main income sources on the website.

1. Ads – For ads we use two platforms ezoic and Google AdSense

2. Affiliate – For affiliates, we use Amazon Associates

3. Guest posts and backlinks – the average price for the backlinks starts from $30 and goes up to $50 and sometimes even more depending on the customer.


There are about 27,000+ page views per month.

More than 30% of the traffic is from the USA and 4% from the UK.

More than 90% of traffic is from organic search which is really helpful if you don’t know much about social media.

Future Opportunities:

It is really easy to grow as a gaming blog because the base is already set just need to post content regularly and keep updating.

The site has a great gamer audience from tier 1 countries hence it is very easy to sell any good product because the right audience is already available.

Also, you can create an online course on topics related to gaming it will boost the revenue and authority in the gaming industry, and there will be no difficulty in selling it because the customers are already there.

Asking Price:


Send a mail if you are interested at