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Final fantasy x remaster arranged or original soundtrack

Today we talk about the Final fantasy x remaster arranged or original soundtrack and compare both.

Which is better ffx arranged or original soundtrack and give a answer to you.

You can change it in game menu what you want. You have both option all time basically

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Which is better?

In this case, I want to tell you that it depends on you that which type of soundtrack you like.

Because some people like the original soundtrack and some people like the arranged soundtrack.

So if you want to test both of the soundtracks you can listen them after this and at last of this article I tell you which soundtracks people loved most.

The original one is generally softer and more subtle, where the Arranged one has stronger melodies.

I’d say the former is generally better for storytelling, while the latter is better for more tense moments and combat.

Final fantasy x remaster arranged vs original soundtrack

Here you can see two videos and judge both soundtracks and later I tell you other people’s opinions on these two soundtrack.

Here I give you two video watch which you want.

People opinions in both soundtracks

It Depends on preference, honestly. As I tell you in the starting that the original soundtrack is a little softer and the arranged soundtrack is a little stronger.

But most people loved the original one because it has a soft sound that does not disturb the player while playing the game.


So I do not want to confuse you the final answer is that you have to try both of them because different people have different choices.

Download Final fantasy x remaster

Review of Final fantasy x remaster

Arranged or Original Soundtrack? - Review by steam


Does Yuna and Tidus in x2?

After Final Fantasy X, Tidus‘ spirit was sent back into the void. However, in Final Fantasy X-2Yuna resurrected him and they were back together. Even though their relationship was riddled with heartbreak, after she lost him and got him back, they seemed to have a happily ever after.

Is Final Fantasy X remaster worth it?

It’s worth it just for Final Fantasy X, if you’ve played it before but it’s been a while, the remaster really does it justice. X-2 is a different story, it’s a game I really liked but I’m in the minority… a teeny, tiny minority. … Ironically, it’s still the best FF I ever played up to XV.

What is arranged soundtrack?

In music, an arrangement is a musical reconceptualization of a previously composed work. It may differ from the original work by means of reharmonization, melodic paraphrasing, orchestration, or development of the formal structure. … Arranging is the art of giving an existing melody musical variety”.

Is the arranged or original soundtrack FFX?

In summation: Arranged is a strong Soundtrack for this game, made with the hindsight of a decade to get it right. Original is for old Fans of FFX like me, as well as people that love old Synth music from old games.

Is Tidus alive in FFX 2?

He is also an unlockable character as Star Player, a blitzball player. In Final Fantasy X2: International + Last Mission (the game’s updated version), Tidus is a playable character for battles. An extra episode, set after the original game’s play-through, reveals that he is living in Besaid with Yuna.