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Free Fire X Mclaren

Today I told you about the new collaboration of free fire x Mclaren.

So lets begin,

First of all, if you don’t know that what is Mclaren I want to tell you that it is a car company which make the racing and luxury’s car like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Free Fire X Mclaren collaboration

So this is fully confirmed that free fire had done a collaboration with McLaren and this is officially posted by free fire on Instagram’s official page and on youtube also.

The trailer of Free Fire X Mclaren in free fire is posted on Instagram by officially free fire that means this is confirmed that McLaren is coming soon in the free fire game.

I think that it is such a nice collaboration of free fire X Mclaren because as you can see that in free fire you can the supercars but there are not any real-life supercars but now after the free fire X McLaren collaboration you can see this car in the game.

Trailer of Free fire xMclaren

So this is a trailer of McLaren in the free fire. It seems to be too cool in the game and you can purchase this when it is available in the free fire game.

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You can also read a caption of Instagram post by officially free fire about their collaboration with Mclaren.

" Survivors, fasten your seatbelts because we are taking you on a wild ride in Free Fire! 🔥 It's confirmed! Free Fire is officially collaborating with the McLaren Racing Team!🏎️ Get ready to experience the thrill of the Formula 1 race car in-game soon! 🏁 "

Skins of Mclaren in Free Fire

If have not seen the trailer then please see the trailer in the paragraph and if seen the trailer then lets begin.

So there is not much big official announcement of the skin of mclaren but as you can see in the trailer that its colour is gold so the first colour of this car could be gold and it seems so cool.

The second color could be purple and this you can see in the trailer the purple McLaren is at the left side of the gold McLaren and you can see the purple McLaren skin in the free fire.

And I think that there is Mclaren 1 is launching in the free fire game this is also a such nice model of Mclaren car.

Free Fire X Mclaren

Lando norris free fire

You can see lando norris in the trailer of free fire collaboration with McLaren.

If you do not know that who is Lando Norris so I tell you that is a is a British-Belgian racing driver in Currently he is competing with formula 1 with Mclaren. He is a well-known racing driver and he won many of the championships in racing.

Releasing date of Mclaren in Free Fire

There are not officially any details about the releasing date of Mclaren in the free-fire but we assume that it could be launch in June 2021 means we can enjoy the Mclaren very soon in the free fire.

I am excited about this new update because this is very interesting that we use real-life Mclaren car in the game and according to the performance of Mclaren in the free-fire it also is faster as compared to another car in the free fire game.


In conclusion, I want to tell you only one thing that it would be a very very interesting moment when free fire launch Mclaren if you are a player of free fire then you can get a better vehicle and if you are not a player of this game then you should have to try this game and its new features.

I think from this collaboration there are some changes many can attract to this game and if you are a fan of Mclaren car than you should have definitely try this free fire. Free Fire X Mclaren


What is the name of popular car in free fire?

Sports Car

The sports car is the best vehicle in the game, as it has a top speed of 136 km/hr and a capacity of two people. This vehicle is also very durable and can be used to travel faster and safely during matches.

What are the vehicles in free fire?

Vehicles available
Pickup Truck.
Monster Truck.
Sport Car.
Amphibious Motorcycle.

How do you get a car on free fire?

How to Unlock all vehicles skin in the free fire? You can Unlock all vehicle skins From the shop. Now Only Six vehicles skin available In the shop, So You need Minimum 5394 Diamonds to Unlock all skins. You can Buy Monthly membership 3 times, You will get 5700 diamonds in Only 1797rs.

Is free fire bad?

So you can Purchase an Elite pass to get Free Vehicle skin. You can Buy an Elite pass In Only 60rs.

What is the best skin in free fire?
Flaming Dragon AK. The Dragon AK
Pumpkin Flames AK. The Evil Pumpkin AK.
Great Plunder Groza.
Blood Moon Scar.
Rebel Academy P90.

Is Free Fire harmful for brain?

Human-computer interactions, such as playing video games, can have a negative impact on the brain, says a new Canadian study published in Molecular Psychiatry. For over 10 years, scientists have told us that action video game players exhibit better visual attention, motor control abilities and short-term memory.