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GTA 5 Crack Vs Original Top 10 Amazing differences

GTA 5 Crack Vs Original. Everyone loves GTA 5 we all want to play GTA V at least one time in our because we are gamers and we love games. And, Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular games in the world.

But everyone does not buy the game instead of buying the game they download the cracked version of the game even I have downloaded so many cracked games everyone does it.

But, today we will discuss in Brief GTA 5 Crack Vs Original Top 10 Amazing differences everything including size, map, multiplayer, and other cool stuff. So, let’s begin our journey.

GTA 5 Crack Vs Original

Everyone should know what is the difference between GTA V Cracked Vs Original.

1. Map


In GTA V crack you will not get a physical map of Los Santos.


GTA 5 Crack Vs Original

But when you will purchase GTA V physical disk for pc, Xbox, or other devices you will get a physical map of Los Santos which is really awesome when you add the map of Los Santos in the gaming setup it will become the next level.

GTA 5 Crack Vs Original map

There is also an amazing thing if you buy the special or collector’s edition of the GTA 5 original you will get the special map in which you will see the T.P.E (Trevor Philips Enterprises) on the backside of the map if you use a UV light on it.

And also there are some instructions on it if you follow them you will be on a deck and also there is a submarine from this submarine you can get nuclear waste and earn money.

If you use the UV light on the front of the map you will see some cross marks will appear on the and these are the locations of the nuclear waste.

And there are also some other locations are marked like spaceship parts, random events, and gun locations.

2. Loading Screen Girl


In GTA 5 cracked version when you start the game a girl in a swimsuit will appear in the loading and can’t play the game when someone is around you and also you can not turn it off. So this is an annoying thing.


But, in the original game that swimsuit girl will not appear on any of the loading screens even if you playing GTA Online. The Swimsuit girl will only appear when you load an old saved game from the pause menu.

3. Multiple PCs

cannot share gta v


In the original version, you can not share your game with your friends means you have to buy the game for each of your friends. Yeah, you can add your friend as a family member in steam and can download the game on both of the PCs but you play at the same time.


Should I have to say anything for this you can download the on the PCs as you want because you just have to share the download link.

4. Updates


In the cracked GTA 5 you can not update the game and there can be bugs that are not going to be fixed.


But, in the original version, you will get regular updates. There are not so big updates but some of the bugs were fixed and the textures of some places were also improved.

5. GTA 5 crack vs original crashes and bugs


This is a really annoying thing because some cracked versions do not work correctly crash randomly and also who can forget the bugs they are really really annoying.

There is also a big problem and it is a virus because nowadays we will save all of our passwords in the browser so be really careful while installing or downloading the cracked version.


There is no problem in the original game because the bugs and errors will be fixed over time and also if your game is not running there is 24-hour support from rockstar to fix your problems.

6. Mods

GTA 5 crack vs original Mods


The moding of the game is very limited in Cracked Gta 5 because most of the modders make mods for original GTA v and use some objects from GTA online to crate their mods.

And the graphic mods for GTA V will not work in your game and the famous mode FiveM also not work in the crack.


But, in the original GTA V, you can play as many mods as you want like TechnoGamerz.

7. GTA Online

GTA Online


There is nothing is crack.


GTA Online is really really good because it has a totally different story from GTA V offline and it also awesome heists and vehicles and so many other stuff.

If you did not bought GTA 5 at least buy for GTA Online – Click Here to buy GTA V

8. Role Play


You can’t play roleplay in GTA 5 cracked.


You can play roleplay in GTA 5 original easily. The Roleplay become very popular in 2019 and it is still popular.

In this roleplay, you can become a thief, police, gangster, etc. And it is really awesome to play.

9. Download Size


If you download the cracked the size will be around 40 to 50 GB.


But if you download the game from epic games or any other platforms after buying the download size of the game will be around 90 to 95 GB. And also the update will come regularly.

10. Offline


You can play GTA V cracked offline.


But, cannot play GTA V original offline.


Why you want to download the cracked version I would highly suggest buying you will never regret that. Yeah, if the price is high you can wait for offers.


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