How to become a professional gamer in India 2022?

A professional gamer a player who is being paid to play video games. Professional gamer has a very good career in gaming. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GAMING YOU CAN BECOME A PROFESSIONAL GAMER. You have to play games for 5 to 6hours a day and practicing games to become a good professional gamer, it does not mean that you have to only win the game practice means you have to make strategies and different ideas and ways to astonish your enemy from these things you become a good gamer and you can easily win your esports tournament. You can also make your YouTube channel and start live streaming. In India, the income of top esports players is around $20,000

Ways to become a pro gamer:-

  • Do not become panic and scared
  • Practice daily
  • Think different from others
  • Concentrate on your gameplay


Esports is also known as electronic sports. Esports is a growing field so it has many jobs to do. Esports generate almost $500m global revenues in 2016 and there are more companies getting involved.

 Well-known jobs in esports:-

  • Professional player
  • Shoutcast/host
  • Coach/analyst
  • Journalist/content creator
  • PR/Marketing executive
  • Product manager
  • Sales/partnerships manager
  • Admin/referee
  • Organization owner/manager
  • Community/social media manager
  • Broadcast/production crew
  • Event manager
  • Agent
  • Other roles (statistician, lawyer, finance, support, etc)
  • Other gaming careers (developers, publishers, distribution, etc)

How to become a gamer and get being paid?

  • Start your YouTube channel
  • Streaming on twitch
  • Become a game developer
  • Facebook gaming

How to start your YouTube channel properly?

Now we talk about the youtube channel, you can start your channel very easily but you face the problem to get subscribers and views to your channel. So I tell you how to grow your channel faster first of all you have to think of better ideas in comparison to your compatriots never share your videos in starting because when you share your videos it does not go to the targeted audience( the audience which is interested in your content) now you will get more views and content and after some time youtube started to pay you.

HOW can you find the targeted audience?

You can make your social media page on Instagram now you have to go on the page of popular gaming YouTube creator like (Dynamo, mortal, scout, techno gamerz, total gaming) go to their followers list (the people who are in the followers list are you targeted audience because the love gaming content ) and send hi or hello to people, send to 50 persons in a day now only some of them reply you so you have to send them a message to see your YouTube content now from this way you can get your targeted audience.

How to earn money by twitch?

What is twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including the broadcast of esports competition.

If you are a good gamer and play games every day for 3 to 4hours I think twitch is a very good and best way to earn money.

How can you earn money by twitch?

Professional gamers can earn money by start live streaming on the twitch of any game you are interested to play, people buy Bits, bits are the currency of twitch from bits people can purchase emojis are known as Bit gems. When people use these bit gems in the chat room of your channel, Twitch pays you $0.01 per bit. The average twitch streamer makes 250$ per 100 subscribers by ad revenue. When you become popular you get sponsored by company’s as you promote their products and the company gives you money for promoting their products.

Some qualities you need to make a good streamer:

  • Be an exceptionally good player at a game
  • Be a notably entertaining personality
  • Leverage a gimmick designed to create buzz (like talking about politics while playing a game or something else unique)
  • Forge unusually strong relationships with your viewers (knowing them by name, asking about their family, that kind of thing)
  • Teach your viewers how to play better and explain your decision-making process
  • Etc.

Become a game developer

Who is a game developer?

A person who develops the software of games is called game developers. They are also called programmers. Their works involve creating visual content for the game. This career requires a background in software development and mathematics.

Game designers must have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering. You must need a team for the development.

  • Game Developer – 778,580
  • Project Manager – 1,100,000
  • Software engineer – 1,099,042
  • Java Developer – 1,000,000
  • Test Engineer – 850,000
  • Software Developer – 800,000

Facebook Streaming

Facebook Streaming is a new feature added by Facebook. It is the same as YouTube and Twitch video game streaming. As you can also earn money from Facebook streaming by ads, Facebook adds one more interesting feature where anyone can insert their ad.

Ways to generate monetization revenue through Facebook Live streaming:-

  • Once you have a video that has 300 or more people watching at the same time, you’ll be eligible to set up ad breaks from your Page or profile.
  • You need to set up ad breaks for each Page or profile you go live from.
  • After you set up ad breaks, you will be able to start your first ad break once your video gets enough viewers and you’ve been live for at least 4 minutes. (source)
  • Each ad break can last up to 15 seconds.
  • Once your live broadcast has ended; you will continue to make money as people watch your video once it’s posted.
  • Viewers will not be able to skip your live ad breaks.
  • Live broadcasters who have received Copyright or Community Standards warnings or violation notices are not currently eligible to use the Ad Breaks feature.


The conclusion is simple you can choose any of them in which you are interested and you enjoy. All the topics I have covered are good earning sources by games you can generate a lot of revenue from them.


What is Gaming?

Gaming is an activity to play electronic games using gaming consoles, computers, tablets, mobile phones or any other medium. A person who is into gaming is often termed as a “gamer or hardcore gamer”.

How can I become a professional gamer in India?

If you’re looking to play professionally in India, formal training isn’t quite an option yet. “He’ll have to learn on his own or watch videos on YouTube. New gamers will first have to prove themselves in tournaments — be it offline or online,” said Mortal.

#1 Dynamo Gaming

Aaditya Sawant aka Dynamo Gaming is one of the most popular Indian gamers out there. Having a whopping 8.79 million subscribers on YouTube, he is hands down one of the biggest. He plays a lot of multiplayer games.

What is the salary of a gamer in India?

It is being reported that the minimum salary of Tier 1 PUBG Mobile India gamers will be around Rs 40,00 to Rs 2,00,000.

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