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How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18: Very Easy

Here are some of the best ways to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 and all of these methods are completely working and tested.

So, let’s begin our great post.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 in Java Edition, Bedrock Edition and PE

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18
1.18 Ore Distribution (click here to view full-size image)
  • Diamond: y=-63
  • Emerald: y=255 
  • Ancient debris (Netherite): y=15 
  • Iron: y=255
  • Gold: y=-17. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: y=-1, and likely not to be exposed to air 
  • Redstone: y=-63
  • Copper: y=47
  • Coal: Between y=136 to 190

In 1.18 the diamonds are going to be generated in two batches. One batch is going to be between y 0 and y -63.

Diamonds are going to be more common as down as we go. The second batch going to be between y 14 and y -63.

These patches are going to be small patches of diamonds and 50% of the ore blobs from the first generation attempt and 70% of the ore blobs from the second generation will not generate.

In 1.18 the most of the diamonds are not exposed to the air so you have to dig and find the diamonds.

Look Around

Diamonds 1.18
Diamonds 1.18

When you go down around y -30 you will definitely find caves like this and you have to be careful of mobs and keep looking around everywhere even on the ceiling because diamonds can be anywhere.

And if you see lapis then don’t try to find diamonds near it because the lapis trick doesn’t work in 1.18.

And don’t forget to check diamonds near lava pools in the caves and in the mineshafts because there can be some diamonds waiting for you.

Branch Mining

Branch Mining in Minecraft 1.18

To do branch Mining you have to go to the y -58 or y -58 and now just need a ton of iron pickaxe and follow these steps:

  • Dig a tunnel.
    • The smallest tunnel that your character can fit into is 1 block wide and 2 blocks tall. Use torches to light the area, or else your tunnel will attract unwanted guests.
  • Build more tunnels that branch off from the first one.
    • By building extra tunnels that split off from the main route, you can look for ores over a large area. Position the tunnels two blocks apart to be able to inspect a large surface area and not miss anything.

And you will find a good amount of diamonds by doing like 25 to 30 or even 35 to 40 diamonds it totally depends on how much time you will spend mining diamonds and on your luck.

1.17 Trailer

Conclusion of How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

The system of finding diamonds in Minecraft is completely changed from 1.17 to 1.18 and Now diamonds are found very deep inside the caves.

But, the good is that diamonds are now more common compared to 1.18.


What biome has the most diamonds?

Diamonds Are More Common in Deserts, Savannas, and Mesas. After doing some research I do believe that Diamonds are more common(but still a little rare) in Deserts.

Is there a diamond finder for Minecraft?

Yes, It finds all the diamonds on a certain seed, making strip mining a thing of the past but at the cost of maybe feeling like cheating. Like the End Portal finder, The Diamond Finder allows players to use either the Bedrock edition and the Java edition.

Is there a diamond in every chunk?

There is ~1 diamond ore vein generated per chunk. An ore vein will have between 3 – 8 diamond ore in it. However, that vein can be overwritten by other generated structures – such structures, such as caves, can leave you with a chunk with no ore vein in it.

Do diamonds spawn less in mountains?

The minecraft wiki states that “Diamond ore attempts to generate 1 time per chunk in veins of sizes 1 to 10[2], from altitudes 0 to 15, in all biomes.” When mining I like to mine in mountain biomes as you may come across emeralds however diamonds can be found everywhere.