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How to get better at Apex Legends in Season 9 – Best Tips and Tricks

Apex legend Season 9 is here and you want an answer of how to get better at Apex Legends?

If you want to improve in Apex Legends first you have to find which thing you want to improve. So, ask yourself what you want to improve.

Like some players want to improve their combat skills while others only want to improve their accuracy.

In Apex Legends Season 9 you can improve fast in Accuracy so let’s get started with accuracy then.


How to get better at Apex Legends

To increase Accuracy you have to practice a lot. Before you start any session in Apex Legends go to the firing range and practice with dummies.

And practice with guns you are not comfortable like the Flatline or Havoc.

If you have a friend you should do 1v1 with him because the people play like people and it will help you a lot and try to get a friend that is better than you or equal. Use the guns without attachments.

Don’t use any weapons you are comfortable with because this will help you a lot to build muscle memory. And improve your accuracy.

Aim Guide for Apex Legends.

Here How to get better at Apex Legends begins!


Apex Legend perfect approach

A good player never gets scared to take the fight with another player similar skill level or more skill and even bots. A good player never closes the distance between them and the and enemy and doesn’t give them time to make their own plays.


Reading the situations properly and making the best and snappy decisions is the most important thing in the Match of the Apex Legends.

You have to be aware while playing a match because you gonna be receive a lot of information both visually and audibly and as a gamer, you have to use this information and make the best possible decision.

Speed and Identifying situation

While playing Apex you have to be open-minded and think about all situations and then make decisions don’t just blindly push on the squad and die.

Think all the scenarios like you are about to rush a squad and then you realize that you can thrid partied so wipe the as fast as you can and take your place to fight. And you have to do this as quickly as you can.

Are you still reading How to get better at Apex Legends?

A good apex legends player never wants himself to be surrounded by the teams and wait until the situation gets cleared. But you have to identify the situation and take control over that situation.

Don’t Panic

Don't Panic

This is the dumbest thing you can do while playing Apex Legends. Let’s assume you are surrounded by the 2 teams in the High ranked match and you know that you will be killed soon what you will do if you are a normal player than you start panicking and loose the match.

But the question is what a good player will do he will study its surroundings and see how much cover is available, the position of the enemies, what weapons you have and then start taking over the situation.

So, the moral of the story is don’t Panic.

End of How to get better at Apex Legends! (This is not true right?)

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best and latest tips and tricks for apex legends.

1. Turn on performance Display

Apex Legends Gameplay SettingsApex Legends Gameplay Settings

This will show a small on the top right corner and you can see your game performance like fps and more.

2. Change damage values to stacking

By default, the damage values will be floating and it is very difficult to get the actual damage. So changing them to stacking will display the actual number instead of the floating values so it will really helpful.

3. Slide upon Landing

As you make touchdown from the initial drop, a jab that Ctrl key to reaching even more distance, retaining your energy, and giving more control than the default ‘airbrake’ animation.

4. Jump at 1000m or Less

For most players and drop locations, 1000 meters is a possible flight distance from the dropship that leaves room for error, pretending they’re flying right.

5. Disarm Caustic’s traps

Fire at the bottom base of Caustic’s gas traps to deactivate them. As if Caustic needed a tough counter, to begin with.

Conclusion of How to get better at Apex Legends

To be perfect in Apex you just need these things noting else:

  • Quick
  • Confident
  • Never Panic
  • Perfect Approach

Real end of How to get better at Apex Legends.


Is Apex legends better than fortnite?

8 u003cstrongu003eBetter Than Fortniteu003c/strongu003e: No Buildingu003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eApex Legendsu003c/strongu003e has a u003cstrongu003estrongeru003c/strongu003e focus on the actual weapons and for most people, the tight first-person shooter controls greatly outweigh the looser third-person shooting and building of u003cstrongu003eFortniteu003c/strongu003e. Hard to take someone out if they build a house around themselves in two seconds.

Is Apex legend dead?

As a preface, u003cstrongu003eApex Legendsu003c/strongu003e isn’t dying… yet, but if Respawn doesn’t do something to keep people from leaving their game, u003cstrongu003eApex Legendsu003c/strongu003e will become just another battle royale that didn’t have enough of a following to not only, knock down Fortnite, but even to sustain itself.

Is Apex legends still popular?

u003cstrongu003eApex Legendsu003c/strongu003e is currently in the top 10 of Twitch categories, most likely thanks to Season 9’s new content. In May 2021, u003cstrongu003eApex Legendsu003c/strongu003e had about 160,000 viewers on the streaming platform. That’s way higher than Call of Duty: Warzone (150,000), Fortnite (121,000), and PUBG (21,000).

Why is Apex Legends a bad game?

Perhaps the most blatant issue with u003cstrongu003eApex Legendsu003c/strongu003e is its persistent connection issues. Whether you’re on consoles or PC, you will experience it. Sometimes players can’t even get into a u003cstrongu003egameu003c/strongu003e, forever stuck in the main menu while the u003cstrongu003egameu003c/strongu003e spins its wheels. Some players completely freeze up in the middle of a u003cstrongu003egameu003c/strongu003e.