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10 Tips & Tricks to Edit Gaming Videos Like a Pro

In 2020, during covid-related lockdowns, gaming streams were a popular social activity. In this period, the number of viewers of gaming videos reached a whopping 1.2 billion. That means an 18% growth from the year before. 

2020 was a terrific year for the gaming industry, and the demand and appeal for live streaming rose like never before. If you’re thinking of starting your own gaming video channel, then this is the best time.

Want to reach a pro-level in the area of your video editing skills? Editing is the final step and can be a time-consuming process. So, we have compiled some tips and techniques to help you become a pro video editor. It is not easy to become a high-level games video editor, but it is possible to edit like a pro with patience and regular practice.

Editing can be brutal to start with, but you can acquire skills with time and regular practice, which means to keep working at it no matter what. Keep reading to know more about the best tips and techniques that allow you to increase your confidence as a games video editor. 

1. Ensure that your game can operate flawlessly

Remember that everything needs to be seamless to get professional game video footage. Therefore, you want to ensure that there aren’t lags or texture pop-ups in the video while recording to prevent viewers from noticing them.

Ensure proper functioning of your PC and that it provides at least 1080p resolution at a 60 FPS. The quality of the gaming video will decide the overall outcome.

2. Improve your profile and color saturation

You can edit the color of your recorded footage by using video effects in your edit. You can also beautify your video by using brightness and contrast adjustments, along with a variety of other color-correction options.

Finally, adjust the saturation level and have a final look at the preview. You may try a mix of 15%/10% or 30%/20% to add more fine details to your videos.

3. Edit your gaming videos by trimming them to the required length

Uploading game videos is often tedious, given their unusual size and high quality. So, remember to segregate the original video footage into parts, then modify it to form several gameplay narratives.

Most software applications will let you use the mp4 file format, and you can easily upload these files to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Create short segments of your videos to keep your audience interested.

4. Add high-quality effects and transitions

Use a video games editor to add impressive effects and transitions to your video segment. This ensures that the gaming video quality is exceptional irrespective of its size.

Make high-level professional videos utilizing a vast array of settings. It would also help to use unique transition effects created with classy filters as per requirements.

Offline and online games video editors are available with unique transitions, features, and editing tools that help enhance the appeal of game recordings. You can also get more features in paid versions of these tools.

5. Include relevant audio overlay or narrative

It’s a bad idea to post online videos without game sound effects, as it will irritate visitors. When the background video and music are synchronized, it will enhance the energy level and mood. 

You can include the voice commentary with the idea of changing it into a video form. Make sure you use the best quality gaming headphones when recording your voice. Most editors use in-built microphones to record sound, but some even pick up the input from other channels.

6. Add relevant thumbnails to the video

Having a captivating video thumbnail is an essential prerequisite for high views. Making a thumbnail is a simple task if you’re using a good picture editor.

Capturing an excited facial expression while playing the game or adding your face to the video is crucial in creating an attractive thumbnail. You may even add text to the thumbnails, which has to be of high enough contrast so that it’s visible.
Creating a thumbnail is undoubtedly a significant step to make people feel that they will miss out on something fascinating if they ignore your video. Adding more color to the thumbnail will indicate that the video is entertaining and engaging.

7. Choose a right video editing tool

Various free or reasonably priced platforms let you edit videos. You need to select any games video editor as per your requirements.

It’s crucial to store all your recorded audio and video files on the software to create a masterpiece gaming video. When you do it, first view all the videos and then select the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to delete.

8. Draft an efficient video editing plan

To create a video, you have to follow lots of steps, and each of them requires more effort than the last. If you have a planned workflow, it will let you and your team concentrate on all areas of video editing effectively and quickly. Having a roadmap gives your team a clear idea of where you want to head and how to reach there. Keeping your files organized is an example of having an effective workflow.

9. Use a high-quality microphone and camera

A crucial—yet mostly overlooked—part of creating videos is using a high-quality microphone and camera. You always need to ensure that you provide nothing but the best to your audience. Having low-quality graphics or audio in the gaming video ruins viewers’ experience. Therefore, use a good quality microphone and camera to include your voice or record your face. 

10. Have a clear visual idea of your final output

When creating videos for entertainment or marketing, make sure you research what kind of gaming videos are doing the best. If you have a clear picture of what you want, it will be easier to get desired results. What gaming videos does your audience like to see? These answers will help you visualize the final result.


Gaming videos from one of the most popular genres on YouTube. These days, new creators of gaming videos are pushing the limits of their creativeness to carve their niche. It is easy to churn out gaming videos if you are interested in gaming. A computer and a game you like are the two requirements for you to begin with creating a gaming video. We hope this article has helped you. Follow our tips to make some of the most popular gaming videos in no time!