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17 Best manhunt seeds 1.21: Java and Bedrock (2024)

If you are playing Minecraft with your friends and want to play Manhunt with them then I will tell you the Best Manhunt Seeds and these seeds will work on both Java and bedrock. Not only seed but also a bird’s eye view of the map is provided with important coordinates.

So let’s begin,

Best Manhunt Seeds Java

1. “Dream Vs 5 Hunters” 8494389945446512238

The seed is of version 1.16 but it still works in 1.21, of course, some things have changed like instead of the desert there is a snow biome.

But you will spawn in a plain biome right next to a village, so many deep caves and tranches, and so many lava pools if you explore enough. There are so many ways to kill the hunters in this seed. You will enjoy it with your friends.


  • Village – x: 64, z: 96
  • Ruined Portal – x: 288, z: 128
  • Strong Hold – x: 1796, z: 452

2. “Everything is here” 168170789

As the name suggests you will get everything in a village that is just a few blocks behind your spawn point and you will get a ruined portal and also a laval pool in the village.


  • Village – x: 224, z: 832
  • Ruined Portal – x: 192, z: 800
  • Stronghold – x: 1860, z: 356

3. “Sand Village” 8021395571940398803

This seed is not as easy as other ones but if you want some challenge then this one is for you only. The seed spawns you in a desert right next to Pillager tower with iron Golam for a good start also not so far on these cords (-448 ~ 224 ) there is a desert village with great loot enough to build a nether portal.

What else do you want from a Minecraft manhunt seed?

4. “Forest Type” 1123769652

This seed is just amazing you have so many mountains and caves holes and everything not gonna mention any cords for villages to make this fun for your manhunt journey.

The caves and all these things will be a great horror for the hunters to chase you if you are a pro player otherwise you will die, however, this is a great adventure seed for a manhunt.

You have to play very smartly because if you fall in the cave then you can lose your health but you can also use these caves to hide from other players in manhunting.

The best thing about this seed is that you can find ores like diamond, gold, and Redstone very easily, and due to caves you also do need to mine in this seed.


5. “Best Seed” 9029055360429877075

The last seed is almost the same as the previous one but in this, there is a really big cave and so many ores and a great way to get rid of your hunter and also a village nearby on these cords (112 ~ -1040) and stronghold cords are (1152 ~ -1600).

Again same as earlier this one seed is for the manhunt pros so it won’t show you any mercy and trust me you will enjoy this seed.

6. “Blacksmith Village” -1954962231574696778

A village just a few blocks away from your spawn with a great blacksmith loot enough to make an armor. And with a lava pool nearby.


  • Lava Pool – x:-162 y:101 z:197
  • Village – x: 0, z: 112
  • Stronghold – x: 1252, z: 1204

7. “Quick nether” -2095471597570576945

There is a village near your spawn with a blacksmith with about 5 obsidians and a ruined portal in the village which needs only 5 obsidians to complete it.


  • Village – x: 144, z: 48
  • Ruined Portal – x: 96, z: 64

8. “Outpost” 4621516844364984175

These seeds will spawn you in a desert with a pillager outpost nearby with an iron golem for iron and also a blacksmith village nearby with 15 obsidian.


  • Desert temple – x: -144, z: 224
  • Ruined Portal – x: 96, z: 208
  • Village – x: 224, z: 208
  • Stronghold – x: 264, z: -1752

9. “Inside a village” 6790734861381482413

17 Best manhunt seeds 1.21: Java and Bedrock (2024)

This seed will literally spawn you inside a village with a blacksmith house that has three diamonds.


  • Ruined Portal – x: -256, z: 112
  • Stronghold – x: 740, z: 1364

10. “The Perfect” -821696136519134748

17 Best manhunt seeds 1.21: Java and Bedrock (2024)

It will spawn you next to a village with a blacksmith house which has 2 diamond pairs of leggings and shoes of iron and 7 Obsidians and 4 treasure chests really close to your spawn.


  • Treasure chest – x: -87, z: -87; x: -167, z: -167; x: -119, z: -183; x: 9, z: -215
  • Village – 208, z: -400

11. “God Seed” 2015606532547647

17 Best manhunt seeds 1.21: Java and Bedrock (2024)

This seed will also spawn you in a village and with so many treasure chest are spread near you spawn.


  • Treasure chest – x: 121, z: 73; x: 169, z: 89; x: 201, z: 169; x: 137, z: 169
  • Shipwreck – x: 160, z: 112
  • Stronghold – x: 1876, z: 20

Best Manhunt Seeds for Bedrock

  • “A village with stronghold” – 335231559228961104
  • “Village in Sky” – 920849780419915084
  • “Best Nether” – 112835712333917405
  • “Village with nether portal” – 222994806330430
  • “Ice Village” – 44647503765050661
  • “Blacksmith” – 703834489