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7 Best Minecraft Beach Seeds 1.21

So, I have collected some of the best Minecraft beach Seeds of version 1.21 and will also work on all the above 1.21 And now every java seed can also used in the bedrock edition so you can also use these seeds in your bedrock edition.

In Minecraft, you can not get just beaches but instead, they are the end of almost every biomes when they connect to the ocean. So, I have included some of the best beach seeds in Minecraft.

  • 2000001 (776 692, -336 452)
  • 3000002 (-180 -52, 260 -156, 912 -586)
  • -640074097040031353
  • 701050001 (1344 -456, -304 556, 1480 -180)
  • 3000003 (16 -116)
  • 6000004 (1536 660)
  • 7000006 (-208 316)

Best Minecraft Tropical and Simple Beach Seeds

1. 2000001

minecraft tropical beach

The beach is not available on the Spawn but if you just cross the little water boady there is a big line on beaches that is lying in front of you. In about span of around 2500 blocks, there are only beaches. It will be a great seed if you like small water bodies and Beaches with small portions of land.

Best Beaches Coordinates:

  • X:776 Y:692
  • X:-336 Y:452

2. 3000002

tropical minecraft

It is the best tropical beach seed because there are only jungles and beaches in over 1000 to 2000 blocks in all directions and some of the best places to build your base.

Best Beaches Coordinates:

  • X:-180 Y:-52
  • X:260 Y:-156
  • X:912 Y:-586

3. -640074097040031353

Jungle Oasis

I have just included this for the oasis that you see in the above image. And yeah there are also beahces and the end of the jungle biome.

4. 701050001

Birch forest

Birch forest with some long beaches spread across the length of this Birch Forest and a vast ocean on your left side. Put on the shaders and this seed is all you need.

Best Beaches Coordinates:

  • X:1344 Y:-456
  • X:-304 Y:556
  • X:1480 Y:-180

5. 3000003

7 Best Minecraft Beach Seeds 1.21

This one is a little bit different it is a snowy beach and for your survival, there is also a plains biome just close to the snowy beach.

Best Beaches Coordinates:

  • X:16 Y:-116

6. 6000004

7 Best Minecraft Beach Seeds 1.21

If you want some normal beach biome with a ton of resources next to you then this seed would be best for you because it is surrounded by forest.

Best Beaches Coordinates:

  • X:1536 Y:660

7. 7000006

7 Best Minecraft Beach Seeds 1.21

You must have got the by the image above. Yes, it is one of the most unique seeds if you have a creative mind then you can work out a great world from this seed.

Best Beaches Coordinates:

  • X:-208 Y:316

Other great Minecraft beach seeds you’ll love

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  3. 579871543
  4. 583871547
  5. 587871550
  6. 589871554
  7. 592871557
  8. 546871244
  9. 547871276
  10. 549871306
  11. 552871344
  12. 559871439
  13. 560871593