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15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Here are the best 1.21 seeds for Minecraft bedrock for survival, woodland mansions, speedruns, cherry blossom, and also a list of best seeds that contains basically everything so let’s get started below is a quick table for all the seeds:

Best 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (Survival, Woodland Mansions, for Speedruns, Cherry Blossom)

Here are some of the best Minecraft 1.21 seeds bedrock you can find on the internet. You can also use these seeds on the Java edition but the buildings, and villages will be changed but the terrain will remain the same.

1. The Perfect Survival Seed

best minecraft 1.20 seeds bedrock

The perfect survival seed: -8985846748452277621

Embark on an extraordinary survival journey in Minecraft 1.21 with our featured seed! Experience diverse biomes, from cherry blossom forests to rugged Badlands and snow-covered plains. Encounter awe-inspiring ice spikes and whimsical mushroom fields. This seed invites you to create your own legacy in a world teeming with life. Build, explore, and thrive in Minecraft 1.21!

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2. Seeds that break Bedrock

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

The Seed that breaks bedrock: -3453372036209748871

Key Location: 766, 128, -670

Unveil a secret in this remarkable seed: at the bottom of a frozen lake, an igloo holds unimaginable power. But beware, its basement leads to a void, breaking bedrock. Prepare for a chilling test of survival in this deceptive beauty. Enter with caution.

3. 5 Structure spawn

Minecraft Mansion seed

5 Structure Spawn: 5096400208146136927

Key Location: 149, 109, 93

Discover a seed offering five structures and a new wood type at spawn. Encounter an outpost, jungle temple, village, ruined portal, and a woodland mansion nearby. Protect villagers, explore caves, and gather resources. Sail rivers, conquer mountains, and uncover treasures. This realm invites endless possibilities and thrilling challenges. Prepare for a grand quest and unleash your creativity in this enchanting Minecraft 1.21 world.

4. Tallest Sturcture

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Tallest Sturcture: -8939999964103548672

Prepare for an extraordinary spawn with this seed, where you’ll find the longest double structure ever witnessed in Minecraft 1.21. Imagine an elongated Pillager outpost atop an even longer desert temple. But what truly sets this apart is your spawn point – a staggering 233 blocks high in the sky.

To uncover the secrets within, delve through the outpost until you reach the archeology room. From atop this towering structure, enjoy breathtaking views of a bamboo forest, mangrove swamps, and unexplored wonders.

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5. Cherry Seed

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Cherry Seed: -515

Key Location: 102, 169, -342

If you’re seeking a tranquil spawn, this seed offers a serene Cherry Grove setting. Begin next to a village nestled against a blossoming mountain slope. Ascend above to find a sprawling village in front of a vast Cherry Forest. Explore the enchanting forest to discover an ideal building location—a small meadow plateau surrounded by Cherry Groves and charming villages. Embrace the tranquility and let your creativity flourish in this idyllic realm, perfect for builders and nature enthusiasts alike.

6. Mansion Lake

Mansion Lake

Mansion Lake: -4223372036591400220

Key Location: 299, 75, 632

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with this seed, spawning you next to an epic clash between pillagers and villagers in a brand-new biome. Join forces with villagers to protect their territory amidst the peaceful Cherry biome. Explore to find an outpost, village, ruined portal, and woodland mansion along the pink forest’s edges, promising excitement from the start of your Minecraft 1.21 journey.

7. Mountain Island

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Mountain Island: 6967698022628167137

Key Location: 891, 94, 745

Embark on an exciting journey by spawning on a massive mountain island promising endless adventures. Explore exposed trail ruins hinting at the island’s intriguing past. Traverse lush cliffs to discover a vast cave leading into a dark ravine, ready to uncover its mysteries.

Venture towards the mainland to find a charming cherry mountain village nestled by the coast, blending natural beauty with human habitation. With the introduction of a new wood type, unleash your creativity and make this island your own.

8. Love Lake


Love Lake: 2708796073494809055

If bamboo is your passion, then this seed is a must-try. Upon spawning, you’ll find yourself on the edge of a breathtaking heart-shaped lake, surrounded by lush jungles and rugged badlands. This picturesque lake offers an ideal opportunity to showcase your creativity using bamboo building blocks, a true test of your skills.

9. Cherry Village

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Cherry Village: 6551524776025509402

Key Location: 305, 108, 236

Immerse yourself in a seed offering five distinct forest types, from tiny Cherry Groves to sprawling villages. Witness villagers’ daily lives under cherry blossoms, with a mysterious ruined portal adding intrigue. Explore towering peaks and discover a serene combination of a dark oak forest and meadow mountain crater, perfect for your architectural endeavors. Enjoy nature’s beauty and unleash your creativity in this enchanting realm.

10. Mansion Village

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Mansion Village: 147829058677214126

Key Location: -74, 130, 644

Prepare to be awestruck by the magnificent crater in this seed. Dark oak and meadow dominate the landscape, with a village and mansion waiting to be claimed. Transform the mansion into your humble abode and begin your 1.21 adventure. Explore exposed caves and uncover secrets, including an ancient city with dormant treasures.

11. Fortress Villages

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Fortress Village: 2508483133797434456

Key Location: 283, 68, 61

Step into a world where vast plains bordered by lush forests and cherry grove hills await your exploration. Atop the cherry grove, a village catches your eye, harboring a colossal ruined portal—a sight to behold. Summon your courage and venture into the Nether, standing next to a formidable fortress. Delve into its depths to unravel mysteries and claim treasures. Embrace the thrill as you navigate through diverse landscapes and uncover hidden secrets.

12. Cherry Mountain

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Cherry Mountain: -7324510729248890196

Key Location: 550, 71, 372

Embark on a tranquil journey with this seed, offering a serene spawn point within a cherry grove mountain crater. Traverse peaks and gentle slopes to discover villages scattered throughout the mountain range. Amidst this splendor, behold the grandeur of a massive frozen tower atop a tiny birch island in a peaceful lake, surrounded by lush forests. Immerse yourself in the harmony of cherry groves, mountain peaks, and the frozen tower, creating a captivating ambiance. Wander through peaceful villages, breathe in fresh mountain air, and explore pristine surroundings.

13. Rare Camel Village

Camel VIllage Minecraft

Rare Camel Village: 3869900341754156090

Key Location: 56, 75, 72

Prepare for a challenging and unique start as this seed immerses you in a vast, frigid ocean. With no solid ground in sight, swim towards the promise of warmer waters. Encounter a remarkable sight—a floating outpost, temple, and village perched upon a vibrant coral reef.

Curiosity fills your mind as you ponder the presence of camels in such watery surroundings. How do they adapt? Villagers must cope with constant pillager proximity. Seize the opportunity and race to reach the archeology room before pillagers claim its treasures.

14. Crazy!!

15 Best Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Bedrock (2024)

Crazy!!: -2659250400746428090

Key Location: -810, 77, 230

Prepare for an extraordinary Minecraft 1.21 seed for bedrock, unlike any other. Spawn atop a jagged peak to a breathtaking panorama of villages, mountains, and cherry groves. Explore further to discover a meadow mountain crater with a mesmerizing combination of structures—a mansion with an outpost, villages with unconventional houses, and an ocean monument guarding the end portal. Immerse yourself in this unique seed, where nature’s splendor meets unexpected surprises at every turn.

15. Best Dark Oak Seed

Dark Oak minecraft 1.20

Best Dark Oak Seed: 712220078079973

Key Location: -20, 136, -295

Indulge in the ultimate dark oak forest experience with this remarkable seed. Discover a sprawling expanse of dark oak trees surrounding a grand forest dome and serene lake. A graceful x-shaped river adds to the natural beauty. Whether seeking inspiration or tranquility, this seed is a must-visit for nature lovers.

The Credit of these seeds goes to:

Minecraft & Chill (Youtube Channel)