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How to get better at valorant movement

Let’s talk about: How to get better at valorant movement

If you are not a good player in valorant and if you think that you have to learn some new skills then don’t worry today I will tell you how to get better at valorant movement.

Many things help you to improve your gameplay but I will tell you the best method so you can improve it rapidly.

A lot has changed on Planet Earth since the launch of computing systems back in the twentieth century. Global tech has changed the lives of billions when it comes to recreation just as it has for more essential needs such as food and health. Delving further into how technology has changed how recreation occurs, we cannot ignore the widespread presence of gaming culture. According to a research organization that publishes high-impact statistics, Statista, there were as many as 2.8 billion people involved in gaming in 2020. Considering how the coronavirus pandemic has forced billions all across Planet Earth to stay and entertain themselves in their homes, one can only expect that the number has become bigger over the past couple of years.
In this scenario, the demand for new gaming experiences has grown drastically. To fulfill this demand and convert the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities, a lot of gaming companies have come up with new games. One of these companies is Riot Gaming. In fact, if we were to say that Riot Gaming has risen to become one of the most successful of these gaming companies, it would not be false. We say this with so much surety that Riot Gaming came up with the game, Valorant – a game that sees as many as thirteen million active players every month on average.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person shooter game first launched in the summer of 2020. The quality of the game can be guessed when you consider that it took six years to create. The game is inspired by and has a similar gameplay to the tactical shooter game, Counter-Strike. In only two years, as reflected in the number mentioned at the end of the preceding paragraph, it has come to be known as one of the most popular shooter games in the whole wide world. You can either play with or against other players online and you can choose who these players are. Basically, Valorant can be a great bonding activity with friends. The best part is that the game is absolutely free!

As the game is very fast-paced, you must also have speedy internet to play the multiplayer version of Valorant. After all, the last thing your friends who are playing with you would want is to see your shooter be standing and doing nothing because your internet is lagging! In the case that you do not already have speedy and reliable internet, we would recommend Xfinity internet. Subscribing to Xfinity internet plans is a sure-shot way to gain reliable yet fast internet at reasonable rates.

Why Is Movement Important In Valorant?

One of the two ways that the attacking side wins in Valorant is by killing all of the five players on the defending side. The defending side wins by making sure that the attacking side does not achieve that. One of the most effective ways to defend is to actually attack and kill people on the attacking side. Basically, a lot is dependent on making as many kills as possible. To get kills, it is essential to know how to move in a way that you can aim as well as shoot opponents while always being in a position where none of your opponents can shoot you. This is where upping your movement and positioning game becomes very important.

How to get better at valorant movement

Now that we have explained why it is important to get better at movement, let us give you a sneak peek into some ways you can do that.

If your gameplay is not good then the most common mistake is movement this mistake is done by a lot of players in the game.

And if you make your movement skill better then I am pretty sure that you will get a very good result in your gameplay.

Now you can defend your self but what about your attacking skill?

Don’t worry first of all you have to learn how to peek this will make it a lot easier to attack your enemy and become a good player.

Full holding a and d is not the best way to peek the best way is to do many small peaks clearing one angle at a time full running into the open will make it hard for you to react to any enemies as they can be in so many of angles.

To improve this you can also go to a custom game by yourself and practice every common angle while using just and the goal is to pick each angle.

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#1 – Jiggle Peeking

Jiggle peeking literally involves jiggling near a wall in a way that you expose yourself for a fraction of a second while shooting at your opponent. At the times when you are not shooting, you are protected by the wall. This is so popular because this gives you the opportunity to kill opponents while being relatively well defended. Alongside, jiggle peeking also traps the opponent into taking aim at you making them expose themselves more frequently.

#2 – Jump Peeking

Jump peeking is the act of exposing yourself only while in the air for a very short time. Basically, you jump, move in the air away from the wall exposing yourself for a fraction of a second, and move back behind the wall within the same jump. What this does is that it not only makes your opponent guess your horizontal location but also your vertical height. Thus, it reduces the likelihood of you being shot.

#3 – Counter strafing

Counter strafing is the act of hitting the opposite movement key to come to a stop people say this is supposedly faster than letting go of the key.

You make your counter strafing better by practicing, you can also learn counter strafing from different videos on youtube.

One of the videos of counter strafing is given below you and check it out.


#4 – Should I do crouching?

When you crouch you are a sitting duck and can be easily killed by somebody who is strafing once you crouch you are committed to the fight and can no longer get away.

But when you are standing you can easily get into the cover, crouching is entirely bad however as it will make your spray easier to control.

I hope you are enjoying How to get better at valorant movement?

#5 – When should I not crouch?

  • Fighting with two or more two enemy
  • Against strafing
  • Holding an angle


You can practice jumping, peeking, and many more skills to improve your game. Practice is very important in any game.

#6 – Angle Advantage

When you are in a corner you stand at the perfect angle so you can see the enemy but the enemy can not see you and you can take advantage of this.

#7 – Spacebar vs scrollwheel

I think that jumping from the spacebar is bad and the majority of the player use the scroll wheel to jump because it is easier to jump and play you can jump by moving up.

But you can also spacebar its upon you which one do you prefer if you are good at jumping with space then you use it.

And your practice will give you fabulous results and you were glad to see them. You can also search for different technics of your own to get better.

Conclusion of how to get better at valorant movement

I had told you some ways so you can improve your gameplay by using them I had also told you that you need to practice regularly.

So you will not get make any other mistakes while gaming. Many of the players have become panicked when they see an enemy my advice is to play the game without getting panicked and stay calm.

FAQs of how to get better at valorant movement

How to get better at valorant movement

3 Tips & tricks for movement and shooting in VALORANT

Stand against most players, crouch against good players. The first tip is that you have to understand your enemy. …
Be unpredictable. When running around, be unpredictable. …
Know your recoil. The best tip is to figure out the recoil pattern of your guns.

Should you crouch before shooting in Valorant?

It’s not suggested to crouch at any long-range or any fight that puts you in a position where you have to reposition quickly. Counter-strafing should be used more than crouching for situations other than gunfights, like taking and peeking angles.

How do you walk silently in Valorant?

Normally, initiating a jump makes an audible cue. But holding the walk button while jumping removes the noise. Timing multiple jumps while walking can be tough and slow you down, causing you to lose precious time. But binding walk to the spacebar, the default jump button, removes the initial sound.

What is counter strafe?

The word “strafing” in gaming terms means moving sideways, and counter-strafing refers to moving in the opposite direction to the enemy. When the player strafes from right to left, it stops temporarily for a moment and moves aside. The shot made during that movement becomes deadly accurate.