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Lethal Company Mouse Stuck on Screen – Fixed!

If you are hosting a server or just playing Lethal Company and after starting the game you face the error of mouse stuck on screen, it is a frustrating issue and faced by many Lethal Company players.

The issue is mainly caused by the game itself or Steam and not an issue of Windows. So, you have to try all the methods given below one by one and check what works for you.

1. Disable Mods

This is the most common issue for the mouse cursor stuck on the screen because mods are most of the time not tested. So, first, disable all the mods and check if the problem is solved if it is solved try turning each mod on one by one and check which mod causes the issue.

Whichever mod causes the issue try a different version of that mod or try to find an alternative.

2. Check Game Settings

Sometimes some changes in game settings can cause these issues so change each setting to default and check if all the problem is solved

3. Different Saved File

Sometimes corrupted saved files can cause these types of issues when trying to run a new game.

4. Update Mouse Drivers

Outdated mouse drivers can cause the mouse stuck problem so find the latest drivers restart the PC and check if you can move the server in the game.

5. Disable Steam Overlay

Steam overlays can mess with Windows because it doesn’t support these overlays and the game can crash and cause weird issues like this so try disabling it by editing the BeplnEx config file (BepInEx/config/BepInEx.cfg) and going to the Logging.Console section and set enabled to false.


## Enables showing a console for log output.
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: false
Enabled = false

6. Update

Update the game if it isn’t already updated because the update can contain patch notes for the issue you are facing which will surely fix the issue.

7. Reinstall the game

If you try each step that is given above then the last option is left to reinstall the game and it will surely solve the problem but first take a backup of everything that is important.

You can check the conversation of other people who are facing the same issue by clicking here, The discussion is going on Steam and once you solve the issue you can tell the community. I will also make sure to keep you up to date.