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7 Best Minecraft Bedrock Shaders 1.20+ | Render Dragon, RTX

In this blog post of Best Minecraft Bedrock Shaders for 1.20 and 1.20+, we are going to see which Minecraft shaders you should use in your Minecraft bedrock edition to enhance your gameplay and to make it look more realistic.

Recently Mojang has introduced some things for shaders in Bedrock Edition now you can use shaders in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with the help of their new system Render Dragon which supports Deferred Rendering you can check out more details about this new system here

This guide includes everything you need to know like which shaders will be best for your device, from the most realistic shaders to the ones that are just complex enough to fit your device.

Let’s Begin

How to install shaders in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

It is really easy and simple to download and install the shaders in Minecraft Bedrock. Just follow these steps:

  • First, download the shaders from the link given below each of the shaders, the mcpack file will be downloaded
  • Click on mcpack and the Minecraft Bedrock edition will open automatically
  • Now turn on the Deferred Lighting the Experimental Features
  • Now, in Settings > Global Resources > My Packs > and active the pack you downloaded
  • Now Enjoy

Best Render Dragon Shaders for Bedrock

1. Chill Voxel Shader

The Chill Voxel is one of the shaders for Minecraft Bedrock shaders that come close to the Java Shaders. It introduces the great lightning and most realistic water effects to Minecraft and your world will look way more realistic with Chill Voxel Shaders.

Chill Voxel Has some Awesome Features like Godrays, Atmospheric Scattering, Alpa PBR, Emissive maps, Fixed End Sky, Improved tones, and much more.

2. YSSBE Shaders

YSSBE Bedrock Shaders

YSSBE is more subtle than the CHill Voxel and the second-best Minecraft bedrock shader on this list. The YSSBE Shader stands out as one of the most underappreciated shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, providing an immersive and ultra-realistic visual experience.

Not only is the amazing looks of Minecraft but it is also evident in features like waving water, water and sun reflections, realistic lighting, and enhanced warm colors. It nearly mirrors the qualities of ray tracing.

It will be a great choice if you want to have an amazing Minecraft experience that is full of realism.

3. Lynx Deferred Rendering Shaders 

Lynx shaders
Source – Mcpedl By Smasherxs

Man, this Lynx shader pack is just too good to check out the lighting it is too good to be true, this shader pack offers a range of graphics modes, from Ultra-performance to Ultra-quality.

With these stunning graphics, it also ensures that you get the best performance out of your game if you have a low-end device then you must go with a performance mod otherwise with the Ultra Quality Mod.

It is not optimized that well so even with the performance your device may struggle.

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4. Bicubic Shaders Ultra

Bicubic Shaders

Bicubic Bedrock Shaders doesn’t change the experience of the game much not as heavy as the earlier ones but it means if you have a low-end device then it will work way well with it.

It just removes the vanilla look and makes it more realistic with its unique style as you can see in the video above.

5. Vanilla PBR Shaders

7 Best Minecraft Bedrock Shaders 1.20+ | Render Dragon, RTX
Source – 9minecraft by XubelR

Vanilla PBR Bedrock Shaders same as the earlier one nothing so fancy but in my opinion this is a cool shader pack because of its subtle look and the lighting is so good you will love it.

It uses the new system of Deferred Lighting so well and you will be so relaxed and happy to play with these shaders on your bedrock Minecraft.

6. Poggy’s Shaders

loggy’s Shader pack

Loggy’s PBR Shader pack doesn’t change clouds or sun or moon or mess with blocks, So what does it do? It just messes with the lighting of Minecraft.

It also has some features like PBR lighting, Atmospheric Scattering, Tone mapping, etc.

7. Harmony Voxel Deferred Shaders

Harmony Shaders
Source – 9minecraft by AerithGray4u

This one is a heavy shader pack and you won’t get much fps but if you have a monster device you can give it a try it only works with Minecraft bedrock version 1.20.50 and above and also you will need the PBR Pack by Madlad3718 to run the shaders.

It has so many features like:

  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Screen Space Godrays
  • Screen Space AO
  • New Atmosphere scattering
  • Jelly Clouds Raymarched
  • Point light
  • Reflective Blocks (Sky only)
  • Atmosphere based lightning
  • Star Trail
  • Colorful stars (Blinking)
  • Normal Stars
  • New Ambient lighting
  • Grass waves

Best RTX Shaders for Bedrock

1. Lumen

How lumen shaders will look

2. Defined PBR

Comparison of Defined PBR and Kellys’ shaders

3. Kellys

Comparison of Defined PBR and Kellys’ shaders

4. Realsource Cartoon RTX

How Realsource Cartoon RTX will look

5. Realsource Realistic RTX

How Realsource Realistic RTX will look


All the shaders are amazing and also there are shaders other than these that are mentioned in the list but didn’t include because there were just as these or worse if any better shaders come I will surely update the post ASAP

Try most of the above bedrock shaders and find the one that fits your device and your style.