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How to join a League of Legends team: 9 Tips and Ways

Esports is not a joke and it is not as simple as a regular job not at all. So, if you want to know How to join a League of Legends team you have come to the right place.

There are so many Esports teams in the world for League of Legends but that doesn’t matter you will not pick them they will pick you.

Getting Started to join a League of Legends team

To join a league of legends team you have to first complete some of these things and then you show that you are serious about League of Legends.

1. High Tiers

League of Legends tires

The first point of the question How to join a League of Legends team is to get on High tiers like Challenger and Master but you have to at least a Master and it shows that you are serious about League of legends.

It is always being good to go up and in the tires if you want to become a Pro Player. Yeah, if you can’t just grind then this doesn’t mean that your journey is ended but you the Esports team will take this as a minus point.

2. Build a Network


If you are higher on the board that doesn’t mean you will be selected in a league of legends team but you have to build friendly connections with the member of the Esports organization or even the players of the team anyone.

Building friendly connections will be always helpful for you and they can recommend your name as a player in a League of Legends team.

3. Being Toxic can be a END!


It is really important to be friendly with pro players and Esports Team members because they can recommend your name in the first place and being nice to players will increase this chance but if you are toxic then this will be really hard for you.

4. Social Media

social media

Social Media can add another point to you because it is important to present on social media and not just playing League of Legends all day.

The Esports organization always chooses a player that has more social media followers and more social media presence.

5. Play Regularly

play regularly

This is another important thing to get noticed because some players get out of the radar because they don’t play frequently.

So, don’t miss a chance to play frequently and become a good player.

Now, you are getting the answer to How to join a league of legends team?

6. Large Champion Pool

Large Champion Pool

Most of the players have a small champion pool and they are the only master in playing with few champions.

But, you have to play with Large Champion Pool and it will increase your chance really much and try to be best at most of the champions and also try to learn champion as fast as you can because the next can be the strangest one.

Have a Large Champion Pool will make you much more valuable than other players.

7. Try to play in a Team

play in a team lol

Playing with a Team is really different than regular play and it will also help you to get the experience of how to play with a team.

You will be chosen by the team so it will help you a lot. The experience you will get by playing with teams is the most valuable experience for you and your career.

8. Start with a Unique E-Mail

How to join a League of Legends team

There are a bunch of Esports organizations across the world but the best one is TSM and Team Liquid. So, first of all, you have to contact them and write a professional and your best e-mail ever.

Think like this is an interview for you and you will be selected among the 75 million players think why will they select you not another player.

So, to join a League of Legends team, you have to send all details of what you have done in your gaming journey how good you are, and some details like your Name, Phone No or any other detail you think that is needed.

Contact TSM, Contact Team Liquid

9. Show Your Skills

Gaming Skills

You are a gamer what is your most important thing? Skill is your most important thing and on basis of skill, you may join a League of Legends team.

So, you have to show your skills upload reels make montages, and upload gameplays and show your best performance them.

By this, you can also make your fan base, money and you can upgrade your setup and it will help you much in your gaming journey.

Conclusion of How to join a League of Legends team

The secret of joining a Lol team is social presence, Good player, Large Champion Player, and Dedication.

Play well don’t wait for the opportunity just grab and join a League of Legends team and enter in Esports.


How do I find a League of Legends team?

One way is clicking the game name, in this case, League of Legends, in the menu Your Games on the left side. From the League of Legends overview page, you will find a tab that says Team Finder, click this button to be re-directed to the League of Legends Team Finder.

How do you join the 1% team?

Go to
 and click ‘sign-up in the top right corner. Choose “I am trying to find my team on TeamPages’ and create your account. Search for your team and request to join. An invite will be sent to you and since you already have a profile page set up, you should see the invite on the Notifications Section.

What happened to LoL boards?

Starting March 9, 2020, we’ll be closing down the League of Legends Boards. We know some of you use them regularly, so we didn’t arrive at this decision lightly. However, after looking at how many of you were using Boards, it became clear that the popularity of the platform had decreased significantly.

Did they get rid of clubs in League of Legends?

Riot Games plans to remove Clubs from League of Legends in Patch 10.25
, the company announced today. The feature, which has been a key part of the game’s social structure since 2016, is being removed from the client as one of the final changes in preparation for the 2021 season.