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Fun things to do in GTA 5 online with Friends: 10 fun Things

Here are the fun things to do in GTA 5 online with friends. If you are bored in GTA 5 then you can do all these things with your friends.

So, let’s get started.

1. Arena Sasquatch

Fun things to do in GTA 5 online with Friends

Arena Sasquatch is really a fun vehicle to drive but it will become funnier while driving in water. You can’t drive this in the middle of the ocean or lake but you can travel a fair distance.

This can be very helpful while escaping from the police and it can also become a showcase at the party.

It is very enjoyable to drive this with your friends.

2. Old is Gold

low rider

Go to your garage and drive some cars on which you don’t focus and drive those old or original supercars. This will be more fun than driving the same car again and again.

This can be the best fun thing to do in GTA 5 online with Friends.

Trust me this will be a really unique experience with your friend enjoying a ride on low-riders.

3. Try out some Unknown stuff

franklin gta online

Rockstar has included a ton of missions in GTA Online but should try some oldest missions and Unknown missions these can be contact missions or any other missions but these will be really fun experiences to do.

So, go to Job Menu and find some unknown stuff that is fun to play in GTA 5 with your friends.

4. Get a Upgrade

gta online

Another fun thing to do in GTA 5 online with Friends is going to the clothes store and make different outfits for different scenarios for example make an outfit for mountains, Bike Riding, Rich parties, Casual outfits, and outfits when you are fighting to a player.

This will make GTA more realistic.

5. Become a bounty Hunter

Fun things to do in GTA 5 online with Friends

One of the Fun Things to do in GTA 5 online with Friends is becoming a bounty hunter and giving back money to players or the full lobby. Do you know there is an option in GTA V online in which you can give money back to the players?

So, it is a Win-Win situation.

6. Do some Mess With Gangs

gta gangs

This is the funniest thing in GTA V that you can start a gang war you don’t have to do more just go to another gang member and look at them at a strange view and just in the next second 20 handguns are pointing at your head.

Now, enjoy.

7. Hang out for a little bit

vinewood gta 5

GTA 5 is a beautiful game and not it is time to check out its beauty. So, pick your Pegassi Tezeract, and let’s go to the backside of Vinewood and get a ride of this area it will be really relaxing because it is far from the city but in the middle of nowhere.

Here is Tip you can race with your friends here.

8. Troll some people


Get a Hostile vehicle but don’t kill players instantly but troll them with these vehicles. So, take your oppressor mark 2 for trolling some players.

Troll them when they are standing right to their new cargo.

9. Become a NPC


I know This is a really dumb thing to do but if your life is just hell and you have left nothing to do then you can try this. Go to the cloth store and dress up like an NPC, walk like them and drive like and see how long you can survive.

Disclaimer: It can break your mind.

10. Keep your character in shape

Fun things to do in GTA 5 online with Friends

This will not affect your player but it is a good thing to timepass with your friends.

You can go to university and race on the track.

Conclusion of Fun things to do in GTA 5 online with Friends

The conclusion is short and simple the best you can do with your friends is kill them this is the only best thing you can do in GTA 5 Online.

Another fun thing you can do is race or try above all things one by one.


Is GTA online fun with friends?

GTA Online is an extremely fun experience that rewards gamers for playing with friends. There are some activities to do in the game with friends that can result in a lot of hilarity

How do I make GTA 5 more fun?

20 alternative ways to have fun in GTA 5

GTA 5 is vast. There are hundreds of activities to do in the citiy and the arid countryside to the north that are entirely separate from GTA 5’s main story. …
Cheat. …
Burn things. …
Literally become an animal. …
Flip people off. …
Fly a blimp. …
Make everything cinematic. …
Jump off a mountain.

What gives u the most money in GTA 5?

Tip: Cocaine production is the most profitable (on par with the gunrunning bunker), with the cheapest cocaine business costing $975k to buy, although sell missions often take longer to complete.

Is GTA Online fun solo?

While that isn’t the typical way the game is meant to be played, it can still be incredibly fun. Many players appreciate the fair grind of the game and how it rewards the most industrious players. For instance, completing Air/Vehicle Cargo missions while playing solo is as rewarding as it is satisfying.