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How to make Minecraft run Faster on a Bad Computer

So, let’s see how to make Minecraft run faster on a bad computer? If you have a bad computer then it will be very helpful for you because I will explain to you in detail how to Minecraft smoothly on your PC.

And if you have a Laptop don’t worry because it will be for both users Laptops and Desktop users.

And don’t worry these methods are not illegal and don’t destroy the warranty

How to make Minecraft less laggy on Laptop

So, let’s make your laptop best for Minecraft, but before first making your windows fast to do, you can click here.

Here it begins How to make Minecraft run Faster on a Bad Computer

Create a custom power plan

All laptops have their custom plan and it is not high performance it is generally balanced and a power saver but you have to change this to high performance to get the maximum performance from your pc

How to make Minecraft run Faster on a Bad Computer

First right-click on your battery icon and then go to power options

create a power plan

Then click on create a power plan, choose a high performance, click next, and then click on create.

power options

The go-to change plan setting of your created power plan and then go to Change advanced power settings and then change the settings as shown in the images.

Processor power management

How to make Minecraft run Faster on both Desktop and Laptop

These changes are for both desktop and laptop users to make Minecraft run Faster on a Bad Computer?

Razer Cortex

This software is completely free and boosts your games to download Razer Cortex click here.

Razer Cortex

To boost your games you have to go to the Boost tab and turn on the Automatic Boost and change the level to recommended because recommended is best for this software.

Minecraft Settings

So, there is not much to do in Minecraft but we will install the optifine and it will give us more options than normal.

You can view this video to install optifine

You can copy these settings in your Minecraft after installing optifine.

Last point of How to make Minecraft run Faster on a Bad Computer!

Video Settings

Video Settings

Quality Settings

Quality Settings

Performance Settings

Performance Setiings

Animation Settings

Animation Settings

Details Settings

Details Settings

Conclusion of How to make Minecraft run Faster on a Bad Computer

After doing these all settings your fps will increase up to 25% to 45% percent and Minecraft will run as smooth as you can and if you really have a very very bad pc then you can go for Minecraft Bedrock and it will run really smooth on your desktop or laptop?


Can Minecraft run on bad laptops?

A game being coded badly doesn’t mean it’ll damage your pc, only thing I could think of would be something like corrupting your hard drive. So no, running Minecraft (or really any game for that matter) is not bad for your pc or the components within.

How do you speed up Minecraft?

Or, you could use these four proven tips to speed up your gaming experience:
Optimize Your Graphics Settings. The first step for making your Minecraft world more fluid and less laggy is to adjust your graphics settings. …
Build Your Own Minecraft Server. …
Modify Your Drivers. …
Turn off Applications You’re Not Using.

Why does my computer run Minecraft so poorly?

This is usually caused by a slow or inconsistent internet connection, or by a slow server. … If you’re experiencing slowed performance due to a connection, you may need to pause or stop any current downloads, change your network settings, or you may require a faster internet connection.

Why is my Minecraft Pocket Edition so laggy?

Some Maps have really huge structures with a lot of blocks in a small area, a lot of creatures roaming around and etc. These entities can cause some lag. A temporary solution can be to move away from that structure so that Minecraft doesn’t load those entities and there will be less lag.