7 Best Minecraft server hosting free

Are you finding the best Minecraft server hosting free and want to make your own server and play with friends?

You can find the hosting for Minecraft on the internet but they are paid or do not give much space. If you have a server that is not properly working or have lagged in the game while playing on the server this is due to ram, storage, processor, and other things of a processor.

Many people are facing this problem and if you get hosting without knowledge you will also face this problem.

But we will find the best free hosting for Minecraft with the great ram, storage, processor that a nice experience without any lag.

How to create a free Minecraft SMP server.

Let’s discuss the 7 best Best Minecraft server hosting free,

7. Best minecraft server hosting free

The seventh one hosting is omgserve.com this hosting gives you a 1month free trial and for 1 month you can enjoy your game in this hosting.

This hosting gives around 1GB of ram with INTEL XEON PROCESSORS (E5-2670 (2.6 / 3.3GHZ), +30.000 PLUGINS, UNLIMITED SSD STORAGE this gives a good experience to you but there can only 4 members join at the same time on the server.

But you have to try this for one month for free and if you like it, you can purchase it and get more storage and play with more friends.

6. Best minecraft server hosting free

The sixth site which provides you free hosting is the server.pro which provides you free hosting a different version of Minecraft like Minecraft Java edition as well as for Minecraft bedrock edition also.

It provides you 1GB ram and many more hosting of other games so if you play any other game which also needs hosting then you can try this one this provides free hosting to a lot of games.

This also makes it easy to control the hosting of your all-game from only one site.

5. Best Minecraft server hosting free

This hosting is much better than the past two because it provides some more specs that can improve your server quality and experience. The name of this hosting is minecraft-world.com

Best Minecraft server hosting free

It provides you 2GB ram that is better than the previous ones and your friends can also pay and help you purchase this server or use it free also.

4. Best Minecraft server hosting free

The fourth hosting is Minecraft-hosting.pro which is just like the previous hosting (minecraft-world.com) interface of both of the hosting sites are quite similar and have some similar specifications in both.

But recommend that you have to choose minecraft-world.com because it is easier to use and gives some more specs to you.

Is free hosting is good for Minecraft instead of paid?

Well, it totally depends on you if you want to play Minecraft with a lot of friends and need high performance and storage, and you have enough budget to buy then you can definitely go with paid hosting.

But if you did not have money spend on paid hosting for Minecraft and want to enjoy with few player or friends then I recommend that you have to go with free hosting because free hosting provide enough storage to play Minecraft well. (But not good as like paid)

3. Best Minecraft server hosting free

This server site is my personal favorite because I always use this server site to play Minecraft with my friends and enjoy this one. Its name aternos.org. I have also discussed this site in my previous post.

Best Minecraft server hosting free

This gives you your own server that you can share your server with unlimited friends. I really enjoy this service. This is the best Minecraft server hosting free

2. Best Minecraft server hosting free

The second site is Freemcserver.net this is a very user-friendly site where you can easily create your free Minecraft server. It has mainly two types of free servers one which gives you 10Gb storage and 1.5 rams with high performance but you have to renewal within 4hours.

And in the second one, you got 10GB storage and 384MB of ram, it does not give you high performance like the first one but its renewal time is 2 days so in the second one plan you can play the game for 3 days without any renewal of the server.

You can choose any of the plans both are free. If you have any issues with the server you can contact them from their website and it also keeps a backup of your server.

Do you want to create your own 24/7 server for free?

Many people are searching for a 24/7 free server, so they can use it any time and they do not need to restart it again and again so, scalacube.com is a site that allows you to create your own 24/7 server for Minecraft and many other games like ark survival and many more.

This site gives you the choice to choose the storage HDD or SDD, I recommend that you have to choose SDD storage because it gives you 10 times high performance than HDD storage.

I recommend that you have to definitely try this website and make your own server for free.

1. Best minecraft server hosting free

Here is one more site which gives you free hosting for Minecraft where you can easily create a server and play with friends this site also provide you specific storage and processor that you can check out on their site.

To create and visit the manhunt free Minecraft hosting click here.

So, here I give a list of the Best Minecraft server hosting free and I also told many important things for your free hosting in the post you can choose any of them from the upper one and create your own free Minecraft server.

How to create a free Minecraft SMP server?

We write a full post on this and also told you how to make a free SMP server so check it out by clicking here.

Conclusion of Best Minecraft server hosting free

Well we discuss many of the Best Minecraft server hosting free and I also told you that how to make your own Minecraft 24/7 free server, and we had also compared the free server and the paid servers for Minecraft.

If you want to go with a free server from our list then I recommend that you have to choose the aternos server because I had also played in it, it is such a nice server and I also recommend it to you, you have to definitely try this server and it is also cost-free.

Is Minecraft server hosting free?

We provide free Minecraft server hosting with the full functionality of a paid server. Your Minecraft server will be free forever. However, at any time you can switch to a premium plan, which is a good choice for big communities.

What’s the best server hosting for Minecraft?

These are the best Minecraft server hosting services
Hostinger. Best overall Minecraft server host. …
Shockbyte. Minecraft hosting operation with an established reputation. …
Apex Hosting. High-quality support and lag-free servers promised. …
Bisect Hosting. Affordable hosting with an impressive amount of flexibility. …

Is Minehut better than Aternos?

When it comes down to playing survival multiplayer, Minehut is the better option between these two. It offers much better settings for the mode and runs more smoothly while playing it, whereas Aternos can actually be quite problematic while running it.

Is Apex hosting good?

Apex server hosting is one of the best server hosters I have ever been with. They are super reliable and cheap servers. … I would definitely recommend them to someone looking for a server host for their friends or community. If you’re looking for an affordable managed Minecraft host, Apex Hosting is a good choice.

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