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Lethal Company Yippee Mod – Easiest way to install

Yippee mod is one of the best mods of Lethal company and here are the steps to download the Yippee mod with the least effort.

Download and Install the Yippee mod

lethal company yippie bug
Yippee mod gameplay

There are two ways to install the Yippee mod 1st with the Thunderstone mod manager and 2nd is to install it manually.

Install with Mod Manager

  • Step 1: Download the Thunderstone App
  • Step 2: Open the Thunderstone mod manager search for the Yippee mod and click on download.
  • Step 3: Now activate and enjoy

Install it manually

  • Step 1: Click here and then click on the manual download button
  • Step 2: It will also require you to download the BeplnEx mod if you install it manually
  • Step 3: Extract YippeeMod.dll and yippeesound into the plugins folder of BepInEx
  • Step 4: Now enjoy

Lethal Company Yippee mod not working

  1. Go to the Thunderstore mod packager.
  2. Select the game and profile you’re working with.
  3. Navigate to the “Edit Config” section.
  4. Check if all downloaded mods have their config files placed there.
  5. If config files are not visible, install the same mod with a version one step lower.
  6. Launch the game after installing the mod.
  7. Config files are generated only after launching and playing the game at least once with the mods active.
  8. Check again to see if the config files are now present.
  9. Update the config files to their latest versions if necessary.
  10. If encountering issues, try reinserting your profile folders into the root directory of the game.
  11. Repeat all necessary steps taken initially to enable the mod successfully