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50 Best Lethal Company Mods – Funny & Useful

Lethal Company is a great game but with these mods, it will become insanely funnier and enjoyable and you will remember this experience with your friends with these 50 mods.

List of all the 50 Lethal Company Mods:

S. No.NameFeatureImageDownload Link
1Bigger Lobbyadd up to 40 playersbigger lobbyDownload
2Brutal CompanyHardcore mod50 Best Lethal Company Mods - Funny & UsefulDownload
3Lethal FashionUnlock all outfits: Green Suit, Hazard suit, Pajama Suit, Purple suitlethal fashionDownload
4Late CompanyLet’s you add a player after the game has already startedlate companyDownload
5Item Quick SwitchAdds a Hotbar, which lets you switch between items through the keyboarditem quick swtichDownload
6Helmet CamerasAdds another monitor on the ship which shows the POV of playersitem quick switchDownload
7Spectate EnemiesAllows you to spectate between enemiesSpectate EnemiesDownload
8Terminal ClockAdds a clock to the terminalterminal clock modDownload
9MimicsAdds a new monster to the gamemimics mod lethal companyDownload
10SkinwalkersEnemies and record and repeat the voices for your friendsSkinwalkersDownload
11EladsHUDReplaces your health stamina and battery with better UIEladsHUD mod lethal companyDownload
12Late game UpgradeAdds new missions, items, upgrades, and morelate game upgrade lethal company modDownload
13Brutal Company Plus20+ Unique events, Custom Quota & increased progression rates, Increased Spawn Rates, all enemies in any moon, increased loot drop ratebrutal company plusDownload
14Employee AssignmentsAdd AssignmentsEmployee Assignments mod lethal companyDownload
15Lethal ThingsAdds a ton of new contentLethalThings mod lethal companyDownload
16More Company8 more players can be added to the lobby, smoother than a Bigger lobbyMoreCompany mod lethal companyDownload
17Intro TweaksMakes the menu betterIntroTweaks mod lethal companyDownload
18Sort By Player CountAdds a button to sort the players in the server listSort By Player Count modDownload
19Scroll InverterInverts the scrollinvert scroll lethal compnayDownload
20Jump Delay PatchRemoves Jump delayremove jump delay lethal companyDownload
21HDLethalCompanyAdds More graphic optionsHDLethalCompanyDownload
22Lethal ProgessionAdds numbered levels, XP points, and spendable skill points, with full stat upgradesLethal ProgessionDownload
23GameMasterCustom difficultyGame Master DevsDownload
24LockdownObject Lockdown, Routing Restrictions, Moon Landing Lock, Store Purchases ControlLockdownDownload
25RouteRandomAdds a command to randomize the routeRoute RandomDownload
26More EmotesAdds more emotesMore EmotesDownload
27Mirror DecorAdds a mirrormirror decorDownload
28SCP Foundation DungeonA new dungeonSCP Foundation DungeonDownload
29YouTube BoomBoxPlay YouTube video in the gameYoutube BoomboxDownload
30Not So Brutal CompanyConfigurable hardcore modnot so brutal companyDownload
31Hold Scan ButtonHold the scan button instead of spamming the buttonHold Scan ButtonDownload
32We Need To Go DeeperMakes it more difficultWe Need To Go DeeperDownload
33Colourful FlashlightsAdds colorful flashlightsColourful FlashlightsDownload
34AllwaysCanDanceDance anywhere anytimeAllways Can DanceDownload
35HuntdownAdds a mission to hunt down a specific monsterHuntdownDownload
36Diversityrevamps entities of the gameDiversityDownload
37Weather MultiplierCan set your weather configurationWeather MultipliersDownload
38TermSpeakCan speak in walkie talkie while in terminalTermSpeakDownload
40LethalPresentsPresents a chance of spawning a random enemy when openedLethal PresentsDownload
41Buyable ShotgunAdds shotguns to the store for 700 credits (Configurable)Buyable ShotgunDownload
42Buyable Shotgun ShellsAdds shotgun shells to the store for 20 credits (Configurable)
Buyable Shotgun ShellsDownload
43MoreHeadAdd more heads and animationMoreHeadDownload
44Subtitlestext for in-game soundsSubtitlesDownload
45GhostCodesAdds a ghost terminalghostCodesDownload
46KastNew, late-game moonKastDownload
47LethalExpansionadd several settings and features Lethal ExpansionDownload
48Scoopys Variety Modtwo new interiors (Dungeon and Sewer)50 Best Lethal Company Mods - Funny & UsefulDownload
49MoreBloodAdds more blood50 Best Lethal Company Mods - Funny & UsefulDownload
50Corporate RestructureQoL Overhaul for Corporate ExecutivesCorporate RestructureDownload