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Best lethal company mod menu (2024)

A good mod menu will help you to get the best mods in just a click of your finger and I have found some of the best Lethal Company mod menus that you can find online and these will make your game way more enjoyable.

PDK’s Cheat Mod Menu

It is the only mod menu that I found online without any viruses and it is a really great mod menu with so many great mods and you can troll the people all day without getting bored at all.

It has about 30+ features with some of the best ones like God Mode and Infinite Sprint.

How to Install?

  • First, download the BeplnEx Mod without it, it won’t work.
  • And then Download the PDK’s cheat mod menu and you are all set to go, you can download the mod with the mod manager and it will automatically install the or just download the mod and install it manually.
  • make sure to copy the DLL file in the \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Lethal Company\BepInEx\plugins\ and with thunderstone mod manager the file should go in AppData\Roaming\r2modmanPlus-local\LethalCompany\profiles\YOUR_PROFILE\BepInEx\plugins\


  • To open/close the menu press right shift.
  • To enable the cursor press left alt.
  • You can also change the hotkeys in the config file.


  • Spawning Items
  • Set quota and deadline.
  • spawn monsters on other players.
  • Spawn landmines and turrets on other players.
  • enable the test room
  • to set the money amount.
  • God mode
  • Unlock all items.
  • Infinite sprint.
  • Set Speed.
  • Teleport to other players, entrance, or ship.
  • Send messages to another player.
  • Play sounds at another player’s location.
  • explode all landmines
  • fix all steam valves
  • disable all turrets
  • unlock all doors.
  • open all terminal doors
  • heal/damage other players
  • see all monsters in the level with the option to kill them.
  • force the game to start.
  • force the game to end.
  • cycle planets for free.
  • teleport all items to a player.
  • enable night vision.
  • and more…