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Minecraft 1.18 Farms: For Survival!

Minecraft 1.18 is here and now everyone has updated the and if you not what are you doing do it now. And in Minecraft, the most important thing is farms because they give you an insane amount of resources and other stuff that you will need in the Minecraft journey.

And here are Minecraft 1.18 Farms that will make your Minecraft survival world more enjoyable and less boring.

1.18 is a really big update and changed Minecraft forever and you also need so much food, fuel, and other resources that’s why I have listed the best farms for you and your survival world.

So, let’s get started.

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1. Crop Farm

What I Said you need so much food in Minecraft 1.18 for traveling and exploring the food that comes from crops so here is a little and sweet but really helpful crop farm for you.

How to Make Crop Farm in Minecraft 1.18?

First, you need an 11 by 11 square and a 1 by 1 square bottom as in the image.

Minecraft 1.18 Farms: For Survival!
Crop Farm

Now place a chest in the 1 by 1 square and in a block right to it and then a hopper right to the chest and make sure it is connected to the chest after that place dirt in all areas in the square except the blocks that are in front of the hopper.

Now go in the center of the first we placed and dig the center dirt and place water in it and then place a trapdoor above the water. Now place any block on the outline of our farm but don’t put a block on the chest or hopper.

In the end, place the water opposite to the hopper And place trapdoors on the opposite side of the chest and hoppers. Now place the blocks as in the Image

Minecraft 1.18 Farms: For Survival!

After that, you dug all the area with hoe to grow crops and place dirt on the water placed in the center then place a haybale on top of the dirt, then place a fence on both sides of haybale and then place a jack-o-lantern on top of the haybale now remove dirt block.

Come on the top of the farm and unflap all of the trapdoors, Now place water in every block behind the trapdoor. Place a solid block like cobblestone and then put Redstone on all of the cobblestones and place a liver or button at the last.

Now your Farm is done for the food in Minecraft 1.18.

2. Bamboo Farm

Bamboo Farm Minecraft 1.18

Our next farm in the least of best Minecraft farms 1.18 is Bamboo Farm and if you play Minecraft you should know how important bamboo farm is.

And you can make it a tiny farm or also a big farm by putting some more pistons or dispensers.

And its working is very simple and easy, when the bamboo grows and reaches the front of the dispenser will detect it and activate the piston and the piston will break the bamboo and it repeats again and again.

So, now you have a ton of paper for trading with villagers and getting too many enchantments.

How to make bamboo farm in Minecraft 1.18?

EASY 1.20 AUTOMATIC BAMBOO FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC)

3. Cow Farm

No doubt Cow Farm is the best farm for beginners in Minecraft 1.18.

A cow farm will give you leather, beef and also Milk

How to make a Cow Farm?

Caw Farm
  • First dig a hole 3 block wide and 3 block deep and then put a chest into it and a hopper attached to the chest.
  • Now Dig the two blocks on the right side of Dispenser then place a slab on the upper part of the block as in the image.
  • Place a dirt block on top of the slab and place the trapdoor on the right side of the dirt block and place a water bucket inside the Dispenser.
  • Place one of your dirt block on top of the Dispenser.
  • Now get some cows and push them to the hole you need at least two cows in the hole because if you don’t have two cows you can’t breed them.
  • Now breed these cows and when you are then place a fence on the cow hole and place a button on the top of the dispenser then press the button.
  • Now when you have wheat come to the farm press the button and feed the cows then press the button again when you are done.

4. Glowberry Farm

The title of the post is the Best farm for Minecraft 1.18. So, there will be a Farm for glowberries.

How to make a Glowberry Farm in Mincraft 1.18

  • Dig a 4 by 3 hole and place a hopper and chest as shown in the image.
  • Now place blocks on the orange outline and place all the stuff as shown in the images Abobe
  • After that place slabs on all over the build because after that there no mobs can spawn and you can also place trapdoors around the build do give some feel to it.
  • Now, place Bonemeal in the Dispenser after that come inside the farm from the door and place a torch there.
  • Place a glow berry on the face of the observer and take any block in you hand and right click on the glow berry now you can unlimited glow berries from this farm.

Conclusion of Minecraft 1.18 Farms

Hope you enjoyed reading Minecraft 1.18 Farms.

I know there are only a few farms but soon we will also update this post and add some more farms for you and also if you hadn’t tried the 1.18 update then click here and download it now because it is a really good update.


What are the best farms to make in Minecraft 1.18?

Minecraft: 15 Simple Automatic Farms That Every Good Home Needs
1 Wool Farm. Ideally, the player would create 16 of these automated wool farms, one for each color of wool.
2 Honey Farm. …
3 Glow Berry Farm. …
4 Bamboo Farm. …
5 Wheat Farm. …
6 Pumpkin/Melon Farm. …
7 Cactus Farm. …
8 Sugar Cane Farm. …

What are all the possible farms in Minecraft?

for the overworld: everything you mentioned plus ice farm, witch farm, tree farm (all 6 types), slime farm, squid farm, spawner-cage farm, general mob farm, guardian farm, flower farm, double flower farm, fern farm, mushroom farm, stone farm, cobblestone farm, huge mushroom farm, wool farm, chorus farm, passive mob

What is an AFK farm?

AFK: An AFK farm is any method of resource collecting where the player must directly interact with the farm in order for it to function, but a person doesn’t need to be controlling the player in the game.

How do you make an AFK pool?

How to make a Minecraft AFK pool
Pick your spot.
Build a square and a rod in the middle.
Add a half slab to the ground and some blocks to the corner.
Add a sign to a block near the half slab.
Add water above the half slab, hop in, stand still and Enjoy