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Tips for playing Sea of thieves: Pillage and plunder like a pro

Sea of thieves will give players a lot of tough time, alongside one of the best gaming experiences ever. However, the game takes a lot of guts to get the fun. Playing Sea of Thieves as a pro pirate goes beyond going onboard a ship with cannons and planks.

You must stand your own against enemy pirates and deadly armies of skeletons. We’ll provide 5 tips to help you enjoy your Sea of Thieves: Pillage and Plunder experience. We also recommend some of the best Sea of Thieves hacks and cheats to enhance your experience.

So, let’s Start

5 Tips for playing Sea of thieves: Pillage and plunder

Pillage and plunder Sea of Thieves

1. Sail with the wind

Have you ever wondered why you were sailing the seas very fast at times and slow at other times? Sailing in the opposite direction to that of the wind can make you sail at a painfully slow pace. This can be a nightmare if your objective is far off.

It gets even more dangerous if you have an enemy vessel closely following you from behind.

We have learned a simple trick that will help you beat this: constantly adjust your ship’s sails to be filled with the wind while you travel in a zig-zag path. Some additional practice will help you a great deal even while onboard the tedious galleon.

2. You’ll need your vomit

This tip may not sound like the kind of thing you’d expect to hear about Sea of Thieves. But it’s entirely worth it. In a war against other pirates who seek nothing but to ruin you, you need all the defense. Your puke is a nice defense as well as a weapon.

Players in Sea of Thieves can use their vomit to blind an enemy by simply throwing it at their face. An effective way to vomit in Sea of Thieves is by drinking too much liquor. Hold an empty can while vomiting. It allows you to collect your vomit and store them for combat.

3. Always keep track of your location

If you want to play like a pro, you must know your position. At least to a degree of precision. This will help you with riddles in the game that instructs you to take steps in a given direction. Most times, these riddles help you to find a treasure buried nearby.

The popular way through which pirates in Sea of Thieves do this is by making a rough guess while they move. A more precise way of doing this involves your using your compass. Use the RT button to bring your compass into sight.

Holding the RT button down while you move will count your steps more accurately through the rumbles your controller makes.

4. Pros guard their treasures dearly

A lot can go down within a few seconds in Sea of Thieves. This includes losing your precious treasures if an enemy ship attacks you. Many players fall into the temptation of sailing the high seas until their ship is filled up. This is risky as you can lose them if a sea monster or an enemy blasts your ship with cannonballs.

The best way to avoid this is by going to the closest outpost and selling the treasures to the Gold Hoarder’s Shopkeeper. Alternatively, you can still sail for a little bit longer with your treasures if you are creative with where you hide the treasures.

Some good places to hide your treasure chests include the Captain’s Balcony, the Crow’s Nest, and under the steering wheel.

5. Don’t sail the Sea of Thieves alone

Even advanced players who are more skillful in the game know that they’ll hardly get much done all alone. Therefore, get yourself on a team. This gives you access to a bigger ship that travels faster and is also equipped with additional cannons.

However, playing as a team comes with additional responsibilities. You all must work as a team and ensure to communicate properly – voice and text chat can help with that. With others on your team, you can have some members fending off attacks while others repair damages done on the ship.


There you go with 5 Sea of Thieves tips to help you play Plunder and Pillage like a pro. An important thing you must never forget is never to walk alone and to guard your treasures dearly.