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Warzone hwid Ban 100% Fixed!

Call of duty Warzone recently introduced a new system of a ban in the game called hardware ban warzone or Warzone hwid Ban.

In this, we will if you are using cheats or you had used cheats in warzone by mistake this post will help you a lot!

And here is a piece of good news if you are shadow banned or hwid ban somehow in warzone then you can fix it easily and you don’t have to reinstall the windows so it will be a really useful post for you.


How to fix warzone hwid ban?

To fix this problem you need a cleaner, spoofer, and defender control ( Download Cleaner, Download Spoofer, Download defender control).

Step 1: Disable secure boot

And before using this software you have to disable the secure boot of your system you can disable the secure boot by holding shit and restarting the pc.

Now, you have to go to the Troubleshoot. then you have to go to the UEFI firmware settings which is your bios menu and click restart. And you have to find the secure boot option in bios and turn it off if you don’t know how to disable that you can google that depending on your motherboard.

And you also have to turn on the intel virtualization.

Step 2: Disable Windows Defender

Now we are going to disable the windows defender to fix the warzone hwid ban without going into windows defender by the software called windows defender control (Mentioned in the above software).

Warzone hwid Ban 100% Fixed!

Click on Disable Windows Defender if it is not turned off.

Step 3: Disable Windows Defender Firewall

To disable fix Warzone hwid Ban or shadow ban you have to disable windows defender firewall click on start and search windows defender firewall and then disable windows defender firewall.

Step 4: Disable Fast boot

First, open Control Panel and go to Hardware and sound after that click on Change what the power buttons do in power options.

Warzone hwid ban

And then click on Change settings that are currently unavailable then uncheck turn on fast startup and then click save changes.

(Now you have to Download the cleaner mentioned above)

Step 5: Cleaner

First, download the cleaner and then paste it in the cod folder (C:>Program Files (x86)>Call of Duty Modern Warfare>Now paste your cleaner here.)

Warzone cleaner

Now, run cleaner as admin Now you can press any key to clean the drive after the cleaner will start cleaning your drives (You will not lose any important data).

Now cut the cleaner from the cod folder and place it anywhere else.

Step 5: Spoofer

Warzone Spoofer

Now download the spoofer mentioned above and open it and click on launch and it is completely safe to use with your main account (Read Conclusion*).

Conclusion of Warzone hwid Ban Fix

Look I don’t know how many times it would work but I will give my best to update it regularly and I know the spoofer is best but spoofer is worth it.

After download spoofer, you can try it for 40 minutes for free try if it is working or not then you can pay for it send the key to an official reseller to activate it for you. You can contact it on discord by clicking here.