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How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20+ | Easiest ways

In Minecraft, the best thing is diamonds of course it feels so much good to mine the diamond blocks, and even more, if you find them after a long mining session.

No more mining for 1 to 2 hours for diamonds because in this guide I will tell you some of the best mining methods and levels where you can find diamonds. Yup, a guide on How to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

Since the ore distribution has been changed after 1.18, The best diamond level is -59 in 1.20 and 1.20+ and the maximum y level where you can find a diamond is 16 and the minimum is -64.

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How to find Diamonds in Minecraft in Early Game

Here are some of the best ways by which you can easily find diamonds in Minecraft 1.20 early game:

So, the best way by which you can find the early diamonds in the game is by going into the cave system which goes as far down as the deep slate caves. Because you can find diamonds only in the deep slate level.

These types of caves are pretty rare so you can dig down directly, but instead of digging down one block you should dig two blocks simultaneously and stand in the middle of both blocks and hold shift. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle in case you land on the ceiling of any cave you can use water to get down.

If you find any caves while digging you should explore them because, in the early game, this is the best method to find diamonds, and don’t forget to check your y level for diamonds.

And if you manage to get a night vision portion it’ll be useful for spotting diamonds in large caves.

Best Methods to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

S. No.Method NameApprox Diamonds (per hour with best enchantments)Resource ConsumptionDifficulty
1Cave Exploration200 – 250 (if you are lucky to find a cave)MediumHard
2Tunnel Bore 250 – 300HighestHard
3Strip Mining150 – 190LowestEasy
Best Methods compared to find diamonds in Minecraft

1. Cave Exploration

how to diamonds in minecraft

Exploring Underground caves is the best method in my opinion because you will not get bored and you can also get more diamonds with this method by using the highlight ores texture pack and it will make sure you won’t miss any diamonds.

Yes, it is a little hard to find deepslate caves but you can use the dig-down method discussed in the previous topic and find some caves through or by exploring natural caves.

Things you’ll need: Fortune 3, a lot of torches, a Water bucket, and some basic things for your protection from mobs.

If you are playing hardcore mode then I would say you should avoid this method because it is risky.

Make sure to check your y level because mods diamonds will spawn way more on the level -57 to -59.

2. Tunnel Bore

I know it is complicated and really hard to build at first and too much resource consuming but the hard work is only for starting after that you will just have to collect diamonds. It is the best method to find diamonds in Minecraft but I have placed it in second position because of its difficulty to make it.

Here are the tutorials for Tunnel Bore for both Java and bedrock:

Tunnel Bore for Minecraft Java 1.20.4
Tunnel Bore Tutorial for Java
The Ultimate Extendable Tunnel Bore for Minecraft Bedrock 1.20+ [Tutorial & Showcase]
Tunnel Bore Tutorial for Bedrock

3. Strip Mining

strip mining in minecraft

The best method to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.20 is to dig down to the bedrock and you should set up a base camp there for storing the items and preparing basic tools.

Things you’ll need: You must have a decent diamond pickaxe for this with enchantments like Fortune 2 or 3, Efficiency 5, and mending, It will increase the speed of the mining and reduce the time to find diamonds drastically. You’ll also need some logs, cool 40 to 60, an axe, a shovel, a water bucket, and Trapdoors

So, you are going to Minecraft a few blocks above bedrock like -58 or 59, and then dig two blocks in front of you and place a trapdoor and stand on the block and click on the trapdoor and now you can fit in one block, and mine way faster than regular strip mining. Increase brightness if you don’t want to place torches.

Bedrock Exclusive: You can also run while crawling in one block you’ll have to just press the run button. You can also instant mine deepslate for this you have to make sure the block is at the end of your reach not close and now you can instant mine the deepslate.

If you use this method with strip mining you will find way more diamonds and way more quickly.

More Advanced tips to find diamonds in Minecraft:

You can give a gap of 7 blocks between every tunnel and also create branches within each tunnel this will reveal way more blocks and will increase your chances of finding diamonds.


All methods have their Pros and Cons and they all are entirely dependent on you and your situation so choose the methods that suit you the best yeah there are other methods than these to find diamonds in Minecraft but these were the best ones in all of the methods

If any new method comes I will surely update this guide.