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How to Start Frostpunk : Beginner to Advanced 8 powerful Tips

Frostpunk is a city-building game set in the 19th century. This is game is developed and published by 11-bit studios.

So, let’s see how to start Frostpunk in a way so that you will not miss anything in this great game. This post is gonna frostpunk manual for you.

And, there is a surprise for you at the end of How to Start Frostpunk. Let’s start with the best things that give you answer about how to start frostpunk.

Basic things to start Frostpunk – Frostpunk beginner guide

How to Start Frostpunk

Here is a look at how will your game look after completing the first scenario. Right now there are three different scenarios in how to start Frostpunk. The main goal of the game is to collect the Coal and survive the Ice Age.

  • First Click on new Game and Then Select Scenario. The other scenarios will be unlocked when you will reach the day 20. But, Day 20 is not the final day.
Resource bar frostpunk
  • On the upside, you have your resources bar.
    • Coal to power your generator
    • Wood and Steel to build, and for research
    • Steam Cores are used to build advanced buildings and automation
    • Raw food is turned into food rations by Cook House
  • In the middle, you have your temperature and if you click on it, you will get a new interface and you can see more details about your area.
  • After that click on the hammer on the bottom and start building some houses
  • Now click on any of the wood deposits and select the number of workers or engineers and start collecting wood.

Here is a video on How to start Frostpunk it will be more helpful for you.

Frostpunk Guide for Beginner's - MUST KNOW Things Before Playing Frostpunk (Gameplay)

But there are so many things that are not in this video. So, Let’s see How to Start Frostpunk Like a pro gamer.

Frostpunk Tips For Beginners

1. Start doing research early

frostpunk workshop

Doing Research at an early stage can help you a lot for how to start frostpunk like a pro. By, building a workshop first you can research the skills and buildings. And help you a lot in surviving the first week.

After the workshop is starting to build send the remaining workers to gather wood, coal, and steel.

After, the workshop is done first unlock the gathering speed it will speed up the whole process. Then build another workshop and research the steam hubs and the next thing to research is the beacon.

2. Clean your city

How to Start Frostpunk : Beginner to Advanced 8 powerful Tips

This means to collect all of your precious materials from your city to doing this you should build a gathering hub because it works really well and fasts than sending individuals workers to collect the resources.

While the workers were working unlock the coal thumbprint and build on the same spot where the surface coal is going on.

You have very few options for wood but I suggest research in the wall drill over the sawmill. And for still build the still works.

This game is a little confusing to play. But we are here to tell you How to Start Frostpunk.

3. The Shameful hunting trick

frostpunk hunting

In the frostpunk, the workers work in the day and the hunters hunt in the night but if you send the workers before 6 PM in the hunter houses they will also work as hunters and will you a lot in gathering food at the initial stage of the game.

And also research the hunter gear in the workshop to get more raw food in Frostpunk starting.

4. Best useful early laws

frostpunk laws

The emergency shift can be the best pick at starting because it can give you extra 24 hours of forced work from your workers. If you are running out of materials at the starting of the game you can use the emergency shift.

But, you can also pick Extend Shift if will extend your workers’ time period of work and help you a lot.

And next, you can choose child shelters they will help the engineers and workers.

The next best pick can be Radical Treatment.

Are you still reading How to start Frostpunk? Hope you are enjoying frostpunk guide

5. Use Steam Hubs

frostpunk steam hubs

At the start of frostpunk, you will focus on increasing your generator’s range to keep your city warm. But the generator requires a lot of coal to do that, But you don’t have the coal in the early stage of the game.

So, it is far better to research the steam hubs as I told you earlier, and use them to warm up areas that are out of the range of the generator.

And another advantage of steam hubs is you can set them to work for particular hours of the day. This is going the best tip for how to start frostpunk.

Like the tents need heat for 24 hours a day then you can set them to produce heat 24 hours a day.

And for gathering hub and coal thumbprint you only need the heat between 8 am to 6 pm in a day. So, in these situations, the Steam Hub comes in handy.

There are also some building that doesn’t need any heat generator for example the hunter’s hut doesn’t need any type of heat.

6. Scouting Parties

Scouting Parties

One of your objectives is should be to unlock the beacon and send the scouting parties out of your city.

How to Start Frostpunk : Beginner to Advanced 8 powerful Tips

It is really important to research more scouts and you can explore in two directions.

Another tip is to keep sending your scout to exploration instead of taking them back to your base each time. And if you find the resources and your city can survive without them then don’t take your scout parties back keep them busy in exploring.

Till this point have learned a lot about how to start frostpunk and you are few steps away from being a pro gamer in frostpunk so let’s discuss more interesting tips.

7. Outposts

How to Start Frostpunk : Beginner to Advanced 8 powerful Tips

To build an outpost you need to research the outpost depot. By this outpost, you can get resources on daily basis.

Frostpunk Tesla City

For your first outpost, I would recommend Tesla City because this is the only method of producing the steam cores in the game you will get 1 steam core every day by Tesla City.

But, to reach Tesla City you have to fight with the Thunder. So, before going to the city make sure to take all resources back to your base. Later we also tell you the best frostpunk tips

8. Automatons

frostpunk Automations

When you get steam cores you should build the automation these large machines can replace the labor.

The following technologies affect automatons:

  • Engineer Automatons – Allows automatons to be used at Workshops and Factories.
  • Medical Automatons – Allows automatons to be used at Medical Posts and Infirmaries.
  • Medical Automaton Integration – Increases efficiency by 20% at medical facilities.
  • Automaton Integration – Increases efficiency by 10%.
  • Automaton Integration II – Increases efficiency by 10%.
  • Automaton Integration III – Increases efficiency by 10%.
  • Streamlined Automatons – Reduces cost by 20 Wood and 20 Steel.
  • Automaton Redesign – Reduces cost by 30 Wood and 30 Steel.

There are also a few events that can affect the efficiency of automatons:

  • The Automaton Project can increase efficiency by up to 10% and decrease cost by up to 5%.
  • The Automatons (Arc) can reduce efficiency by 10%.

(Read Full details about Automatons)

Some Frostpunk Tips for How to start Frostpunk

These are the best frostpunk tips if you follow them you can easily survive in frostpunk

  • Check Your Heat Map Often
  • You Can Upgrade Pre-Existing Buildings For Less
  • It’s Okay To Leave Buildings Empty
  • Keep Workshops Busy
  • Coal Thumpers Need Gathering Posts
  • Enact Only The Laws You Need
  • Never Leave Workers Idle
  • Build Several Resource Depots
  • Queue Construction During The Day
  • Keep Buildings Close To Each Other
  • Optimize Your Scouts
  • Steam Cores Are Invaluable
  • Build Outposts
  • Your Citizens Need Entertainment
  • Automatons Are The Best


Now you had read the best tips for how to start frostpunk.

Conclusion of How to Start Frostpunk?

So, you have completed the how to start frostpunk. And, want the surprise of which we are talking about in the starting. So here it is. I hope that this guide is useful for you.

If had read the full guide of how to start frostpunk then go will no get any problem regarding this, but if you have any queries about how to start frostpunk you can contact us. We have also shared frostpunk tips in this post that tells you how to survive in frostpunk.

Frostpunk Free to download

Frostpunk beginner guide

Frostpunk is FREE on Epic Games!


Why is Frostpunk so hard?

Frostpunk demands a lot from a player. … Frostpunk has a punishing death spiral that kicks in when your workers start dying; since there are fewer workers, there are less resources being gathered, which means that it’s harder to provide for your workers, which means they get sick more readily.

Is there an end to Frostpunk?

Seriously, the last challenge is a total game-ender. This is the part most players are going to fail, and fail, and fail again. Without the right technology (and laws) unlocked, there’s no way to weather the final storm and reach the end of the game.

Is Frostpunk worth buying?

Frostpunk is a really good game. It’s worth the purchase. … As mentioned by a few others already, it is certainly different from other strategy/city building games. Not only do you have to efficiently keep your city alive, you also have to make choices that may not be very pleasant (such as the child labor law).

What is Frostpunk endless mode?

Endless mode is a variation of the Frostpunk scenario that essentially has no storyline. Without a storyline, the gameplay does not end, but instead follows cyclical storms. Endless mode is also the only place where you can find Relics. Outposts are not available in endless mode.