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Roccat Kone pro air review: Best battery backup 100+ hrs

If you need such a mouse for your work or gaming and want to buy Roccat Kone pro air so this Roccat Kone pro air review is for you, I listed all pros and cons of this mouse and give a good review for you.

This article gives you some important information about the Roccat Kone pro air mouse that you should have known before buying.


  • It gives 100+ hours of battery backup
  • With WiFi USB and Bluetooth support
  • The lightweight of 75g
  • Best Body shape
  • USB c charging
  • 5mintue charging 50 hours battery backup


  • It only has 2 RGB lights

So let’s begins,

Is Roccat Kone Pro air is a gaming mouse?

Well this depends on you can use this for anything it gives you a nice experience but this is particularly made for gaming and the look of this mouse is also like a gaming mouse rather you can also use it for any further work.

Roccat Kone pro air review

Body and Shape of Roccat Kone pro air review

For body, I can say that it is good but the shape of this mouse is definitely good as I told you that this is particularly made for gaming so the company says that they focus on the ergonomic shape of this mouse to give a nice experience.

Roccat Kone pro air review

This is true because this is very easy to use and when holding it from your hand it gives a proper angle to your hand. The amazon customer says in Roccat Kone pro air review that the lightweight and body shape is the best thing about this mouse.

This is very important while gaming because you have to do aim and many other things in which mouse is placement is very important.

Technical Details of Roccat Kone Pro air review

Item model numberROC-11-415-01
Hardware PlatformPC
Operating SystemWindows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Item Weight7 ounces
Package Dimensions7.24 x 5.28 x 2.17 inches
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableApril 26, 2021

Weight of Roccat Kone pro air review

The weight of Roccat Kone pro air is about 75g. This is a very lightweight mouse because if you see another wireless mouse, their weight is not lower due to wireless technology.

And I say that Roccat Kone pro air is also a wireless mouse but it maintains its weight very well. So in Roccat Kone pro air review, this is a very big plus point for this mouse.

RGB lights in Roccate Kone pro air

Roccat Kone pro air review RGB lights are also important because I told you that this is a gaming mouse and most gaming products have RGB lights because they give a cool look.

Well, you can see 2 RGB lights in this mouse 1 on the left click and 2nd on the rights click. The company says that it utilizes the Titan switch optical, AIMO RGB lighting, 19k DPI Owl-Eye Sensor, USB-C PhantomFlex charging cable, and heat-treated glides.

Are RGB lights of Roccat Kone pro air can customize?

Well, the answer is yes you can customize RGB lights as you want.

More Details on this mouse

  • Iconic ergonomic shape refined to perfection
  • Stellar Wireless + Bluetooth, with Rapid Charge
  • Extreme lightweight ROCCAT® Bionic Shell – only 75g
  • Titan Switch Optical. Tactile & Fast
  • PhantomFlex™ USB-C charging cable virtually disappears
  • Heat-treated pure PTFE glides, pre-tuned for a smoother motion
  • ROCCAT® Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


Battery Backup of Roccat Kone pro air review

This is also the main point of Roccat Kone pro air review because battery backup is an important point for a wireless mouse but this mouse gives a 100+ hrs battery backup which is definitely good.

And the only 10minute charging gives you 5 hours battery back up but if you want to use this mouse while charging you can also use it while charging.

Roccat Kone pro air review

I think that this mouse gives you a very very good battery backup as compared to another wireless mouse.

It has USB-c charging and one more thing about this mouse I like and want to add in Roccat Kone pro air review that when you use it simply or while charging it may not produce more heat while using it and this is a plus point of this mouse.

Bluetooth mode in Roccat Kone pro air

As you have known that this is a wireless mouse with Bluetooth support but if your device does not have any Bluetooth option or you don’t want to use Bluetooth so also get a USB connector and change the mode to Bluetooth or wifi using the USB at the downside of the mouse.

Roccat Kone pro air review

As you can see in the image that you got three options one of them is the power button and the other two are for WiFi and Bluetooth.

You can also purchase the Roccat Kone pro which is a wired mouse and the Roccat Kone pro air is a wireless mouse this is your choice which one you will buy but I think that the wireless one the best for you. I giving you as much information in the Roccat Kone pro air review as I can.

Conclusion of Roccat Kone pro air review

Well, the conclusion is simple this is a very nice mouse for the gamers it has all the facilities like fast charging, battery backup, Bluetooth support, lightweight, and many more things that make this mouse cooler.

I can say that this is a such nice mouse for you and I recommend this mouse to buy and I say that the wireless mouse is better than the wire one.

This mouse is available in two colors white and blue you can buy which you want.

I hope you get well information in Roccat Kone pro air review


Can I use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse?

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Is gaming mouse better than normal mouse?

The gaming mouse has unique features that separate it from a regular mouse. For example, a gaming mouse has improved software to customize tweaking and able to support both high DPI and CPI. A regular mouse is known for high latency compared to a gaming mouse. … The unique features improve the gaming experience.

Are gaming mice worth it?

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Is a gaming mouse good for everyday use?

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