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Minecraft Party Decoration Ideas (Full Guide)

Planning for a Minecraft party, here are some of the different ideas for you to plan an outstanding party. Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash or a special celebration, our ultimate guide to Minecraft party decorations will help you create an unforgettable event.

There are different sections of the guide covering different sections of the party.

Planning the Party: Minecraft Party Decoration Ideas

Section 1: Essential Party Basics

Color Scheme

For the Minecraft party colors you can choose any two or three colors from the Minecraft color Palettes given below

You can also use Minecraft Material to decorate walls.


I have created an Invitation Template on Cava you can use this to Invite people to your party

Section 2: Entrance Decorations

For the Entrance you can use a wooden or printed Minecraft welcome Sign, you can try to create a welcome inspired by the Minecraft banner placed on both sides of the entrance.

Minecraft party decoration ideas

Use can also add a grass path decorated with paper blocks or torches.

Section 3: Wall and Ceiling Decor

For the wall and ceiling decor, you can use pixelated ballon and TNT blocks, grass blocks, and Party Title in the background in the Minecraft font to give it a Minecraft Vibe, You can try to create something like in the images below.

Section 4: Table Setup

For the tablecloth, you can use any cloth of the colors that match the theme of the party, you can choose the colors from the above Minecraft party color palettes.

And for the table wear you can use simple white plates, cups, etc., or find something online with Minecraft characters printed on them.

Section 5: Food & Drinks


Serve snacks that look like they came straight out of the game. “Dirt” pudding cups (chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos on top) are always a hit. Apple slices can become “Golden Apples,” and you can create “Slime” by making green Jell-O.


For the cake, you can use a Minecraft-themed cake decorated with edible blocks, Creepers, or even a 3D Minecraft landscape. Cupcakes can be topped with pixelated character picks, and cookies can be decorated to look like Minecraft blocks or items.


You can use normal cold drinks of different brands and label them “Potion of Healing” (fruit punch), “Potion of Oozing” (Coca-cola), “Potion of Strength” (lemonade), and “Water Bottles” (water, of course).

Section 6: Interactive Activites

Set up DIY game stations like “Pin the Tail on the Pig” or a “Creeper toss” using bean bags. You can also set up a photo point where the guests can take a photo with some Minecraft characters.