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17 Minecraft Party Game Ideas | Funnist

So, you are hosting a Minecraft Party and want some awesome game ideas for your party. You can arrange different categories of Minecraft Games for your party like Active Games, Crafting and Building Games, Puzzle Games, and Digital Games. I have included several game ideas in each category.

We also have guides on Minecraft Decorations Ideas and Building Battle Ideas if you are interested.

Different Types of Minecraft Party Game Ideas

Active Games

  • Creeper Tag
    • Objective: Players must avoid being tagged by the “Creeper” while trying to tag other players to turn them into Creepers.
    • Materials Needed: Green balloons (one for each Creeper), Markers to draw Creeper faces on the balloons, String or ribbon to attach balloons
    • Setup: Inflate the green balloons and draw Creeper faces on them, Attach the balloons to strings or ribbons, Choose initial Creepers (1 for every 5-7 players) and give them Creeper balloons, Mark the boundaries of the play area.
  • Diamond Hunt
    • Objective: players search for hidden “diamonds” (blue gems or diamond-shaped paper cutouts) scattered around the play area. Each player receives a small bag or basket to collect their finds. You can provide clues or a treasure map to guide players to the hidden diamonds. The game can be timed, with the player finding the most diamonds within the limit of winning.
    • Materials Needed: Blue gems or diamond-shaped paper cutouts, Small bags or baskets for collecting diamonds, Clues and hints, Timer.
    • Set up: Clues and hints related to Minecraft elements
  • Obstacle Course
    • Objective: Finish the course in a limited time.
    • Materials Needed: cardboard boxes and other materials to simulate a Minecraft landscape
    • Set up: Creating a Minecraft-themed obstacle course
  • Ghast Balloon Pop
    • Setup: Inflate white balloons and draw Ghast faces on them.
    • Objective: Players must pop as many “Ghast” balloons as possible within a set time limit.
    • Materials: White balloons, markers, and safe popping tools (such as blunt darts or skewers with adult supervision).
  • Enderman Hide and Seek
    • Setup: Designate one player as the Enderman and the rest as seekers.
    • Objective: The Enderman must hide and teleport (move locations) while seekers try to find and tag the Enderman.
    • Materials: Enderman mask or costume for the designated player.
  • Zombie Freeze Dance
    • Setup: Play Minecraft-themed music and designate one player as the “Zombie.”
    • Objective: When the music stops, players must freeze. The Zombie tags any players who move, turning them into Zombies.
    • Materials: Music player, Minecraft soundtrack.
  • Fishing Rod Relay
    • Setup: Create fishing rods using sticks and string with magnets attached to the end.
    • Objective: Players must “fish” for paper fish with metal paperclips from a designated pond and transfer them to their team’s bucket.
    • Materials: Sticks, string, magnets, paper fish, paper clips, buckets.
  • TNT Toss
    • Setup: Create lightweight “TNT” blocks using painted cardboard boxes.
    • Objective: Players toss the TNT blocks into designated target areas to score points.
    • Materials: Cardboard boxes, red paint, white tape (for TNT labeling), and targets.
  • Nether Portal Jump
    • Setup: Set up a series of hoops or rings to represent Nether portals.
    • Objective: Players must jump through the portals without touching the sides.
    • Materials: Hoops or rings, stands to hold hoops at different heights.
  • Spider Jockey Race
    • Setup: Create a course with obstacles, and pair up players as a team.
    • Objective: One player rides on the other’s back (like a Spider Jockey) and navigates through the obstacle course as quickly as possible.
    • Materials: Cones, ropes, and other obstacles.
  • Villager Trade Game
    • Setup: Designate players as Villagers and others as players seeking to trade.
    • Objective: Players must find Villagers and trade specified items to collect all items on their trade list.
    • Materials: Pre-made trade lists, small items representing Minecraft trade goods.

Crafting and Building Games

  • Crafting Contest
    • Setting up a crafting station with supplies
    • Different categories: best weapon, tool, or structure
  • Building Challenge
    • Using building blocks (Legos, cardboard) to recreate Minecraft structures
    • Team-based or individual competitions

Puzzle Games

  • Minecraft Trivia Quiz
    • Preparing a quiz with questions about Minecraft’s history, mobs, and mechanics
    • Prize ideas for winners
  • Puzzle Craft
    • Creating Minecraft-themed puzzles (crosswords, word searches)
    • Using printable templates or designing custom puzzles

Digital Games

  • Minecraft Mini-Games
    • Setting up a Minecraft server for party guests
    • Popular mini-games: Spleef, Bed Wars, Hide and Seek
  • Minecraft Adventure Map
    • Exploring pre-made adventure maps together
    • Cooperative gameplay to solve puzzles and complete quests

So, these were all the Minecraft party game ideas you can try out in your party to spice up the things.

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