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How to play Minecraft without graphics card?

Can I play Minecraft without graphics card?

Yes, you can play Minecraft without a graphics card but not on all PCs because for Minecraft Java Edition you need and GPU or CPU that supports OpenGL 4.4. So, before downloading Minecraft Java Edition first check that your PC GPU supports that,

And if your pc does not support that there is another solution for you and it is Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to check if graphics card supports OpenGL?

To check that your graphics card support OpenGL follow these steps:

  • First Download the OpenGL Extensions Viewer
  • Now open the .exe file and click on the summary and check your OpenGL version (you need OpenGL 4.4 to run Minecraft Java Edition)
OpenGL Minecraft

Minecraft java edition vs Minecraft bedrock edition for low end pc?

Minecraft Java Edition

If I tell you the truth Minecraft Bedrock Edition is best for the low-end pc because I also have a low-end laptop with intel integrated graphics and I downloaded the Minecraft Java Edition and show the OpenGL not supported error and after that, I tried to run Minecraft Java on my friend’s laptop it has a 4GB of ram, 456MB VRAM and an AMD processor with integrated graphics when I run the game it just stuck for the first 10 to 15 sec after that the chunks start loading but It was taking so much time So, I turned my chunks to 6 then it was playable but there are some limitations that if use elytra or anything that makes me travel fast it makes the freeze and FPS dropped to 5 or 10.

Basically playing Minecraft Java Edition on low-end PC or laptops is just a horrible experience.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is so so smooth on low-end PCs or Laptops you can play it play it without graphics card.

Remember, I talked about my laptop that does not even support the Minecraft Java Edition I installed the Minecraft Bedrock on the laptop and it is very smooth I am just getting around 30fps in it and the chunks are set on 16, and the specs of my laptop are 3GB of ram and intel processor with integrated graphics and on my friend laptop which has 4GB of ram, it is just running the game on 30fps with 36chunks.

So, I highly suggest you download Minecraft Bedrock Edition if have a low-end PC or laptop.

How to download Minecraft bedrock edition on pc?

To download Minecraft Bedrock Edition follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Store and Search Minecraft
  • Now select the version which one you want to download and click Get
  • After making payment your download will start
  • After downloading click on play now and enjoy!


Yes, you can run Minecraft without a graphics card but I would suggest Download Minecraft Bedrock because it is perfect and run so smooth in low-end PCs and even laptops also.

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Can Minecraft run without OpenGL?

The graphics in Minecraft is written with OpenGL API. That doesn’t mean that you have to “install” OpenGL in your system, because the code needed is already in the code. Your graphic system must be conformant with OpenGL though. Basically, Minecraft Java Edition can not run without OpenGL.

Can I run Minecraft on 2GB RAM?

Minecraft can run on computers with 2GB or less of RAM, but it will likely run poorly, and may not run at all below some threshold, which would depend on the OS and other factors. A lightweight Linux would likely do best; I doubt Windows 10 would even launch the game.

Can OpenGL run without GPU?

All OpenGL functions can be implemented without a graphics card, but with a performance penalty, of course. Strictly speaking OpenGL is not a library but only a programming interface (API). It might be a software rasterizer, it might be an interface to dedicated hardware.

Can Minecraft run on 32 bit?

Minecraft is written in Java, so it should “adapt” itself to both 32bit and 64-bit systems (depending if you have a 32bit or 64-bit Java runtime). While Minecraft itself is not optimized for 64-bit, it will take advantage of JVM optimizations for 64-bit processors.